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Heart Frequency – December Gains Momentum

It really is all about Love~ seeing it, being it, embracing it, giving it, allowing it, cultivating it, nurturing it and opening the human heart to the vastness of Divine Life. There are 2 important passages in December, the first

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I don’t know about you – but I find great comfort in this wisdom. Everywhere you go – there you are. It is not possible to feel alone when your awareness rests in Unity Consciousness. Have a most delicious Wednesday

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Ganesha’s Belly Dance

Perhaps I fall in love with things easily :-). Or perhaps the frequency of love is a close companion and thus, kinda oozes out onto all experiences and sets the stage for wonder and bliss to easily manifest in otherwise

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Joy In All Things

Joy is the nearest vibrational tone and frequency to Love – and as we seek to place JOY as a priority in our lives – being it, expressing it, giving it, living it – we begin the organic migration to

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