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About DeAnne’s Meditations

When I first began doing radio in 2010, the Divine Guidance was clear that a meditation be included in each new transmission of this New Human/New Earth/5th World Paradigm. Five and a half years later, we have a beautiful collection of almost 200 unique meditation experiences that work directly with the light-body, the DNA and heart consciousness of the evolving human.

These meditations are a co-creative experience between the Shining Ones and myself – they are a beautiful synergy between earth/humanity and the galactic Center – or New Sun. The attunement is a vertical dispensation, calling undisciplined energy inward and up to an alignment of remembrance with the Divine Self, the Divine Feminine and very pure light frequencies, Source energies. Each New HUman meditation comes from love, in the moment, in response to the current ascension movement at any given time. They are relevant harmonics designed to drop the mind beneath the constant chatter of the personality matrix and align the participant with the deep heart of Divine intention. They are timeless and light encoded such that each time you meet them, you will experience them differently. They will speak to and activate new and different levels of consciousness and energy within your light-body matrix.

With the guidance of the Shining Ones, I have personally selected 7 meditations for this special offer – you could say they were chosen just for you. The suggestion is to use them in the order they are presented here, for 7 consecutive days, first clearing a sacred space and then setting an intention, before settling into a guided journey experience. Within the initial 7 days, you will start to notice a resonate field of new energy surrounding you that will begin to communicate with you on a cellular level. Trust and allow that field of energy to speak to and guide you into your own personal rhythm of working with them thereafter.

Finally, in addition to the 7 days of meditation in anchoring New Earth, 5th World energy, I was guided to include the Spring Equinox of 2015 live webcast of the New Human Transmissions. This is an incredibly important, supportive, information packed webcast with tools, supports and yes, a meditation, for anchoring the overall energies of 2015 and embodying them as power toward a new reality and new relationship with Self.

This package was specially designed for you to create a portal to higher frequencies of Light, wisdom and remembrance. May it assist you in aligning with your highest good, service and love at this time – for the greater good of all.

With Love, DeAnne, the Shining Ones and Gaia, the Earth Mother.

***Feel free to use a headset to enhance the nuances of vibration and light in these recordings.

Day 1 ~ New Human Chakra Balancing Meditation (17:45)

Iascension received this meditation in the Shining Ones vortex forest which makes it very special to me. We each have the capacity to see and interact with the vibrational world, to read the codings of sacred geometry, color and light.

This meditation will tap into that innate skill, both anchoring the new frequencies more fully into the physical vessel and while awakening dormant potentials, Divine wisdom and the spiritual  gifts, within.


Day 2 ~ Quantum Pause with the breath Meditation (9:22)

Music: Om Mani Padme Hum by Kimba Anin

The quantumpausebreath is an essential tool to the awakening process. Conscious, steady, equanimous breath. When we become truly intimate with our breath, we begin to realize we are not controlling the breath. The breath is in fact, consciousness inhabiting the physical vessel as a way to experience life. In addition to a consistent new habit of balancing and grounding the chakras, developing a conscious and consistent relationship with your breath is an important step in expanding the light body and embodying vibrational wisdom.


Day 3 ~ Flower of Life/Spirals/4-Directions Meditation (11:16)

This Flower-Of-Lifeis a truly radiant meditation with visuals and energy sequences to marry the masculine and feminine energies, the anima and animus and to assist you with remembrance. Every human is essentially wise and came fully prepared to master the separation and challenges in the dense reality as well as collaborate and work in unison with the Earth Mother, the elements and all her kingdoms. This meditation employs many channels of light and assists in connecting the personality aspect with all the wondrous currents of frequency in the vibrational world. You will feel a deep sense of Unity and connectivity as you commit to and embody the energy of this meditation.


Day 4 ~ Personal Power/3rd Chakra Meditation (8:34)

Music: Transfer Blue Station Michael Shreive

woman in universeA thoughtful meditation directing the conscious thinking mind, identity aspect, to deeper contemplation, aligning with greater power and responsibility in creating reality. For the greater part of our history on Earth, our lower chakras, including the solar plexus have operated from a vibration of survival, scarcity and fear. That is, thankfully changing as this new light pours into and helps unify the 7 energy centers of the body as one, co-creative and balanced channel of energy.

I advocate developing a personal relationship with all the chakras, as individuals expressions and capacities of Self. This meditation will assist in embarking on that intention with your personal chakra system.


Day 5 ~ Oneness Meditation (12:47)

Music: Surrender by Peter Kater & Carlos Nakai on A Song for Humanity

The oneness-meditationheart and Soul of the Ascension Process is Unity. New Tribes are forming and gathering for the sake of a new Unity of shared existence, co-creative power, community, cooperation and shared gifts. Many of us were together at other key, transformational times in this planet’s history and planned this time of reunion in collaboration with very new, pure light frequencies that would assist with this time and era being different than any other before it. This meditation is both an expression of gratitude for what is here now and in honor of the depth of journey we have traveled just to be here in this NOW!


Day 6 ~ The Sanctuary Within (17:02)

Music: Surfacing and Integration by Kimba Anin

This sanctuary-withinmeditation is a reunion with life, inviting in and joining with various energy currents that are an invaluable part of the human journey of remembrance. We have been long conditioned to think and feel ourselves separate from – and yet from the indigenous tribes and shaman elders to the diversity of Gaia’s nature kingdoms to the ocean and cetacean family of light, we are both blessed and surrounded with energy that vibrates with our truest nature. This meditation will empower the home you carry within and assist you with turning up the inner radiance, remembering your connection with ALL THAT IS.


Day 7 ~ A New Alignment, The Christ Within (15:04)

Music: Sanctuary by Shapeshifter

This Christ-Withinyear, 2015, is all about Alignment first – and then Mastery. These are the energies streaming and supporting our reach for the highest good in our individual lives and in the expansion and Unity of our world. You will find and experience a deep communion with our beloved earth, the Shining Ones, the Master Jesus, solar light energy, the rays of a New Sun and most importantly of all, Self love. This meditation is communicating directly not only with the cells but a new part of the brain, inviting the children and initiates of a New Earth out of the old dispensation of self and into a fullness of spiritual attitude. New Minds, New Bodies, New Hearts – this is the radiance, power and gift of the New HUman now emerging in our world.


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