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Daring To Be Extraordinary!

The Universe loves us enough to give us ongoing choice as to whether we want ordinary lives with extraordinary peppered in along the way – or EXTRAORDINARY LIVES that give no mind to the mundane details that go along with

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Music: Call of the Tribe

Call Of The Tribe by Karunesh This song comes in at the timing of the Full Moon and this NOW, for many reasons. First and foremost, the energy, harmonic, remembrance and significance of Tribe is returning to the Earth plane.…...

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Everyday Eternity

Where are the words…. fill me with them Shining Ones… that a LOVE so vast, so all encompassing, unfathomable, enveloping and of the purest JOY could be for me~ the beating of my heart and the rhythm of my breath

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One Heart, One World

Do you know how powerful you are? Do you remember how special you are? Do you feel the importance of this moment and your purpose within this moment? We are finding our way out of the shadow into Light once

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Magical Life

Breathe~ Allow~ Be~

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Free Falling

I was talking with a client who is new to the Walk The Path of Light Initiative earlier this week – and she said that even though she is doing her best to stay grounded and is spending time everyday

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Choose Love

Good morning Shining Ones… we here at New Human Central are experimenting with memes – there is something powerful and centered about marrying the expressions of a new consciousness with photos that convey similar energy. It will be a good

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Gathering As One

Dear Beautiful Beings, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for joining in and supporting DeAnne Live. Everyday, we are in the process of expansion and listening to the energies as to what all wants to

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When we find the Light within all our uncertainties and give the resistance over to allowing, we are serving to repattern deep unconscious grooves that will continue to allow greater freedoms on the path ahead. Contemplate this simple Truth of

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New Sun, New Day

Ahhh April! Already the energies are intensifying, as they will the rest of this month! We are moving closer to the Galactic Center and experiencing a powerful new radiance from the Sun. It’s kind of like switching a 100 watt bulb to

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