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The Climb

This was a powerful moment for me, climbing the Cerros (mountains of light) in Tepoztlan, Mexico last Summer. It is curious and beautiful and invites deep stillness just how much the energy of climbing has enveloped my being and world

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New Moon, New Year, New You

Intentions High Heart Open Face to the Light   2018 – Stepping Up Into… higher expressions, higher purpose, higher service, higher love. THIS is Embodiment – plant your seeds deep with the dreams now ready to awaken – water and

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Seven Sacred Weeks Culminating, Abundant Crystalline Energy

I AM incredibly grateful, humbled and in AWE of this moment ~ from the trying to the true of its relentless cadence. No matter how the last 7 weeks have played out for you – this has been a deeply

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Webcast: January 11 2018 Embodiment And Higher Service

Blessings Beloved Family Of Light, WHEW! If you are feeling and witnessing the intensity of life pushing through unprecedented vibrational levels, you are not alone. Things are kinda stacked up around us now in the known reality – from weather…...

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New Webcast: 2018 ~ Embodiment And Higher Service

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver Greetings of the Highest Love to One and ALL, What a powerful, auspicious, beautifully unrelenting and seriously magnificent NOW. Spend some moments

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Super Moon New Year, WOW!

Good Morning New Humans and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It is incredibly exciting and fortuitous to have the beginning of a brand new year accompanied by a Full Moon – and a Super Moon, no less. I just came out of

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Beautiful Dreamers, Migrating To New Worlds

Blessings Beloved Light Family, These past days following the December Gateway have propelled us into the “how do you describe the indescribable” phase of expansion. OH MY! Dreams have been amplified, visions have been very active as has the physical

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Existence Precious And Rare

Namaste Beloveds, I felt I wanted to check in and connect with you, my true family, with a hug and reminder of how very much you are loved. The emphasis on Solar Consciousness and its reflection in the heart is

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Wonder And Almighty Change

Last night I had a truly blessed experience that I AM still reflecting on. I was asked to assist one of my favorite yoga teachers in her annual Hot Stone Restorative Yoga event. This is an opportunity at a time

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This Is A Full Circle Moment – Gateway/New Moon/Unity Meditation

Beautiful Dreamers and Keepers of The Light, My heart is so full in this moment and my mind so still ~ the energy of peace is so profound in this now I feel it coiling around my physical being, enveloping

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