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Radiant Mind

Time, minds, hearts, realities…. there is nothing that is not being reshaped around a very new orientation of being! The transition to DeAnne Live has been a magical adventure that very much mirrors the magical adventure of a forward moving

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I AM A Crystal Being

  Only Light can come to me and only Light can be in me.

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Welcoming The New

The good news for the species of planet earth today is that we have a rare opportunity NOW to stop creating with our minds, conditioning and thoughts, and to begin creating with our JOY – the frequency of our Light

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You Are Limitless


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Living In Synchronicity, May Energies

Yesterday I had a blessed encounter with a black snake, very purposeful and pregnant with guidance, higher realms to human. It was a fleeting moment in that, I was flying down the side of a mountain on a bike …

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eBook: New Landscape of the Brain

June 20, 2009 Download… “Listen. Can you hear it? The music. I can hear it everywhere, in the wind, in the air, in the Light. It’s all around us. All you have to do is open yourself up, all you…...

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Nature and Light, A Beautiful Harmony

Light and Nature in communion. I was standing on a covered bridge in Dupont National Forest and noticed this incredibly mystical, long and flowing grass beneath the waters in the river below. The tree reflecting on the water and commingling

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Don Juan

Guess who stopped in for some afternoon crackers and to make his debut on DeAnne Live! It is not as easy to see his formidable size here – but if you saw him next to a crow you would be

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New Light, New Day

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The Wormhole

  I am in the wormhole – have been for some time now – no one who has not been there can know what is asked of one – required in exchange for remembrance – few are called – fewer

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