Expansion And Freedom, The Shift To Higher Timelines

Peace Chant

Oṃ saha nāv avatu
saha nau bhunaktu
saha vīryaṃ karavāvahai
tejasvi nāv adhītam astu
mā vidviṣāvahai |
Om śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ

Om! May we protect each other
may we nourish each other
may we work together
with great energy

may we gain the wisdom
to not resent each other
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

A brief check in before the August New Human Webcast next week. There is still deep Reunification underway from the incredible gift of Alignment that anchored with the Full Moon Eclipse last weekend. Reunification with Source, Reunification with Self, Reunification with other human souls, with the Earth and vibrational world, with renewed intention and strengthened purpose. ARE YOU FEELING THIS? Take a moment and breathe in the image above ~ our world, our planet, our innate wisdom and DNA all inclusive, have been elevated to new levels of freedom, liberation, expansiveness and peace. There is an otherworldly sequence of events underway within which realities are migrating to higher timelines and New Earth experience with stunning pace and intensity.

The weekend of this Eclipse I was immersed in an experience of amplified unity. I look forward to sharing some amazing ALIGNMENT experiences with you in which the Shining Ones and Gaia showed up big time to usher new recruits into the new timelines. We are, indeed, preparing for reunification with the whole as a conscious, palpable experience. As I embraced and welcomed SO many from SO many facets of life, males and females from a wide spectrum of generations, cultural background and spiritual understanding into the energies and consciousness of the NEW, I saw and felt deeply how dependent global purification is on the actions and intentions of the awakened. Every moment and experience of the current intensity is for the intent purpose of preparing as many as possible for embodiment of the NEW.

What I know for sure is that everything that I experienced the weekend of this Eclipse (July 27th, 28th, 29th) was way bigger than my DeAnne aspect … and yet, it was very much not separate from me! I saw and felt the collaboration between my conscious awareness and the Divine Forces ~ I witness the Light magnetically pulling individuals from their routine experience of self, the wheel of the known matrix, into a very new relationship and dance with the light!! This acceleration and amplification is manifesting as a beautiful and evident experience of the collective choosing unity consciousness, higher service, the embodiment of peace and the fulfillment of Divine Ascension Purpose. More and more, a daily prayer is that ALL may know their true worth and the greater truth of their purpose and service to this Ascension.

The great invitation now, no one excluded, no exception, is that we release, release, release all the disharmony connected to the old Self and lower timelines. Emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual distortions cannot co-exist with the higher functions of the Christed/Crystalline heart and must be neutralized. You will know you are embodying the YES of this invitation when you see your inner circle, your human family and opportunity to share your Light growing ~ more and more you will feel the love and wonder within all your experiences and a growing willingness to trust the process underway. You do not necessarily want to feel “you” are in control, of anything ~ more so, that even in the mystery and uncertainty of it all, it is the Christed Self that is opening to experience, opportunity, persons and new perceptions throughout.

I just came in from an hour+ walk in a pretty hard rain. I am talking deluge rain with ankle deep water on the trails and plenty of mud to slip and slide and negotiate. I could feel the dance between my DeAnne aspect (conditioned mind) and my Multidimensional Self; one a little squirmy, the other in exalted delight. As the Cosmic Rays of positive photonic light become more intense, hydration (as I shared in one of 3 pre-eclipse blogs: http://deannehampton.com/blog/full-moon-solar-eclipse/) along with being in natural water as much as possible assists the delivering of new Source Codes. MAGIC, a new level of the miracle of LIFE is occurring in your cells. Water/Plasma is an easy code delivery system, and all of it is connected, the water in the oceans, lakes, yes the rain and the water in your cells. Maintain your focus, maintain your intention to love and remain OPEN to the ways Unity is lighting a new path in your personal experience of life. Depending on the goal of your Ascension, this is a time of recovering the parts of your being, the aspects of Self that society has encouraged us to forget. Come and join me on the next transmission of a New Human/New Earth experience of consciousness, energy and perception.

Sunday, August 12, 11:11am eastern

*Understanding the New Timeline
*Tips to unhook from the Old Timeline experience
*Distinguishing between vibrational you and the old Self.
*Predominant Themes building to the Fall Equinox
*Embracing new insights and creative ideas
*Working with our changing bodies!
*Meditation: Meeting Your Future Self

Back to the image above ~ a reflection of your Limitless expression – Limitless You and your capacity to contribute to the freedom and enlightenment of our world. Everything, the persons, the experiences, the level of invitation and abundance honoring the Christed Self and gifts that came in with this Eclipse Gateway et al have catapulted us into very new and vast spaces. That pure frequency of Divine Love is dissolving distorted realities. Do not underestimate the certain turning point we have entered and your empowered role in disseminating new for the many.

Please share these blogs and LIVE webcasts with your light community ~ it is so important to be gaining new understandings and perspectives on who we are spiritually and the deepening demand that we each step into greater power and service at this time. Om Shanti ☮️ and many blessings to this beautiful Light Tribe.

*New Human Global Unity Meditation this Sunday, August 5th:

New Human Global Unity Meditations

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