New Human Global Unity Meditations

This is an opportunity to Unify ~ our minds, our hearts, our intentions and vision for peace in our world. We must remember that as we witness so much destruction within various forms in manifested world, Oneness is Rising, a new grid is anchoring and a new balance is being restored in the greater worlds of light and sound, consciousness and energy. This is happening by us, for us, through us and our ability to remain calm, emotionally neutral, balanced and intent on stepping into new, each and every day.

This invitation is for anyone choosing the New Earth Experience as an opportunity to Co – Create in a Higher Timeline. The timing of how things are unfolding in the higher timeline is perfect and beautiful. I feel in awe and my heart full, everyday, as I witness undeniable miracles manifesting like new flowers pushing their way through a garden’s soil. We are the garden, new humans, and everything happening in the collective field right now, is the soil we must continue to till with our love, our clarity, our determination and our trust in the greater truth of life. With this simple endeavor, we are creating ripples of remembrance for an evolving world.

I AM including 2 different meditation options for your ease and convenience. In that, you just need to show up! The first is a powerful New Human Meditation, A New Timeline Experience, first introduced on the July 16, 2017 webcast. This meditation captures the trajectory of the current ascension movement while allowing for profound DNA expansion and the anchoring of Divine Consciousness.

A New Timeline Experience:

The second option is a universally known Loving Kindness Meditation. This practice has been honed over millennia in various Buddhist traditions to condition the heart to be more open and loving. Simple at a glance, this meditation causes chemical changes in the body and morphogenic field of both the practitioner and those the practice is intended toward. This is an opportunity to recondition your habitual ways of responding to others, opening the door of your perception as being separate, when in truth, you are part of a unified whole.

Loving Kindness Meditation:


The most important element in this Unified effort, is intent! You may appear as One, you look around you and “see” no other. Yet, our true power is in recognizing we are each part of One Unified Human field of Love, Light and Divine Consciousness. In this way, we assist both Gaia and humanity in accepting a greater possibility of heart consciousness for themselves and our world.

New HUman Global Unity Meditations every Sunday beginning September 17th @ 8:11 ET, 11:11 ET and 5:11 ET. Come in remembrance, bring your light, meditate with the intention of peace, of healing, of unity and the expansion of LoveLight in our world; for the highest good of ALL.

I AM the One, I AM the many
Truth is my Intention
Love is my religion
Peace is my compass
Devotion in every breath
for the Highest Good Of All.

Prayer Sadhana

*photo credit: Sierra Hollister, Light A Path

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4 comments on “New Human Global Unity Meditations
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I just participated in your 5:11 med’n. I also participated in the 11:11 med’n but was a little late because I got caught up in my morning routine.

    Thanks, DeAnne, for being there for all of Humanity and Mother Earth.

    Love and Blessings,


    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude beautiful Judy – I feel the energy of these meditations growing each week – so powerful to come together in this way!! ????

  2. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I participated this morning again at 11:11 your time. Thanks for setting this up. I now have it written in my daily planner to help me remember each Sunday.


  3. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude Judy for your presence and your light – this is so important at this time… restoring balance thru intention, vision and love. I now have many in the yoga community joining in… the numbers grow each week. ????

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