Pet Purusha

Purusha is a sanskrit word meaning, the true Self, Consciousness, pure essence.

How many of us would love to have a perfect, well-adjusted, emotionally stable and joyful pet who’s sole objective is to please its human and make us proud? This service is new in offering, but not in developing. Pretty much since I first began teaching and sharing the energy of a new way of being in the world ~ helping seekers from around the globe learn how to see energy and understand themselves and the world around them, as energy… I have had people asking me to teach them how to do the same with their pets. Just like humans, animals are vibrational beings. You can reward and discipline, train and love your pet unconditionally – but if you are not working with your pet on an energetic, intuitive level… you are going to achieve short term results at best.

In this service, I can help you discern why your pet chose you ~ the magnetic attraction that exists between you ~ and how its behavioral challenges are directly related to an unspoken, often unknown, spiritual contract between human and pet. This is a time when the animal species is going through as much change and shift and potential upgrade as its human counterpart. Pets are an invaluable support system and tool in support of our evolution as a species, on an individual and collective level. Allow me to help your pet be the best version of itself (true self) it can be, while empowering you (owner/family) to connect more deeply and communicate with your 4 legged child in a way that brings joy, enrichment, freedom and well being to all concerned.

Questions: email me

Initial Consultation: $75
Hourly rates for Purusha Repatterning: $50