Light Shining Through ~

This is a brand new ascension service for 2017 to support the new timeline and timeline shift.

With the Equinox Gateway of 2017 and the final anchor of the new timeline, I received strong intel from the Shining Ones to expand my role as Energy Intuitive. So much brilliance entered in in March, clearing a path of higher frequency light to enter directly into our cellular, crystalline being ~ activating our new roles, new levels of seeing and expressing our light capacities as we step into higher service at this time.

As most of you know, I was in Tepoztlan, Mexico for the month of March. During this time, I interacted with a group of people from all over world who were in various states of their ascension process. I began to experience, in increasing degrees, an uncanny ability to read them vibrationally, regardless of who they were being egoically. Many of these people are teachers of alternative healing practices and thus presented a strong “professional” persona… no doubt they have been working on themselves for awhile. And yet, there were still fragments and cloaking between the identity aspect and the new, Solar identity we are positioned to embody at this time.

What is important and makes this time in our expansion as a species so different is that to BE NEW, we must keep shedding not only who we are, but what and how we have learned to be. The shift from carbon base to crystalline DNA and the full embodiment of the new homoluminous, entails stepping up our vibrations of pure essence, of light presence and divine responsibility to influence the experience of 5D/Unity and Crystalline Consciousness. We must be willing to be very discerning in sifting out our wants and ego strengths from the genuine desires and gifts of the True Self.

The vibrational world has expanded exponentially with light, revealing new dimensions of color and tone, geometric codes and feminine frequency that is communicating with the New Self, the pure Solar Christ Consciousness, within. We must be willing to walk a new edge in our known realities because the perimeter or scale of our radiance is shining far beyond the limitations and understandings of the 3rd and 4th dimensional capacities. This service is designed to help you do just that.

In this session, I will assist you in connecting with a deeper, intuitive understanding of your Self, your relationships, your consciousness and your new earth role. Something that is currently occurring at a predominant rate is the presence of ancestors and karmic lineage who are showing up, so that you can move on. The only way forward is to know and remember ourselves as energy – vibrational beings with a command of circumstances once we master frequency and truly understand consciousness. I will share insights about what I see in your field of energy, which is often quite different than what the mind is perceiving and influencing in our lives, along with suggestions for you to work with on your way to anchoring a New, Solar Christed Self.

Energy Intuitive Session $212