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The New Human
Understanding our Humanity
Embracing our Divinity

The New Human is a timely work written with the implicit intent to provide a foundation of understanding about the humanity we are part of today, as well as a template to radically change our way of being and interacting in the world. TNH-coverFor a new world to be born on planet Earth, one of peace, harmony, inclusivity and love, these virtues of the heart must first be born within each individual. The New Human provides the instant comprehension of our individual responsibility to step out from the conditions of limitation and fear and into the freedom of becoming empowered representatives of a new world.

It is a very fierce Soul that wants to have life and deepen the well always of our understanding and awareness of Self – through other. It is through grace and a luminous mind that one can appreciate the exquisite way spirit invites us into our own participation with the rich complexities of this life. We all must truly see clearly now, allow the LOVE in fully and get about the work of authenticating SELF into the power and service of the magnificent transformation of this rare blue planet. The New Human is an invitation of pure essence, love and promise for ALL people… it is impregnated with an unapologetic yet unassuming sweeping up of all who are ready to love Self and BE the truth of who they are.

Come…. let your voice be heard

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Excerpt from The New Human ~ The Deepening

You cannot run from your destiny, eventually it will catch up with you and engage the reconciliation of the outer with the inner. How you respond to this process is up to you and the determination of your interior to be the future now. No one person will experience life and this rarified opportunity to be responsible and unflinchingly present creators in the same way. Without you, life and the expression of this existence is altered. The dynamic aspect of being that is joy is lessened in the world without your conscious participation. Why go to all this trouble, the mind may ask? In a word, love.

A note from the author

The New Human is in many ways a simple book, yet in its simplicity, it is profound. It serves as a light encoded activation of the DNA codex and divine blueprint for the awakening of individual Truth within the context of planetary responsibility. This is not a time of learning higher mind principles or mystical techniques to take us beyond our current awareness of self. This is a time of authentic awakening, of being real and of being the higher mind of our heart’s intelligence; releasing the resistances that we have accumulated in our egoic attachment to this material plane. We truly don’t need any more “instruction”, there is nothing that is lacking or incomplete in our awareness of the spiritual truths and purpose for our lives. We need only recognize and embrace fully the Love that is present with us – that IS us – and that is seeking our cooperation and partnership in the realization of a new way of being and living in the world. Planet Earth is a living, conscious being undergoing tremendous change and inviting this humanity to shift with her through conscious choice, innate wisdoms and the willing participation in a process that has been evolving organically throughout all space and time.

The New Human is a compelling force of the essence and presence of Love. It is each and every reader’s own reflection of what is true and vast and of highest potential within. It is a compassionate reminder, as a light turned on in a dark room, that indeed, there is a New Earth on the horizon and it is for each of us to be new in our understanding of and participation with evolutionary phenomenon. Give yourself permission to know what you came to be and do. Allow yourself the sweet surrender of all that has kept you bound and step up into the new mind and heart that is The New Human awakening on planet Earth. That New Human is you! ~ DeAnne Hampton

Reviews of The New Human:

“I think everyone should have the book!! Every time I open it up, there is such meaning and relevance to what I’m reading….it’s kind of a miracle really! It’s right next to me now!!” ~ Deb L. ~ New Haven

“The New Human helps us to understand our humanity and embrace our Divinity unlike any other book or article that I’ve read. It’s very basic, yet so are the principals. It’s easy to get caught up in the complexities of life. The New Human not only DOES NOT do that, it continually presents the concepts in ways that are easy to grasp and apply in our daily lives. It also reminded me that my day-to-day choices and awareness affect my spiritual evolution, and that it’s up to me to take responsibility for this.”

“I also love listening to DeAnne on her weekly broadcast on World Puga! Her stories of her time in nature are beautiful to listen to and great reminders that Mother Earth is something to be valued and cherished!” Deborah Krueger

“Do you sense something greater inside of you, waiting to be born?” Make no mistake: an unprecedented species evolution IS occurring. We are incredibly fortunate to be present at the nexus of this 26,000 year event! For many, the quiet inner voice is at last raising its volume, demanding to be heard. If you know that you are here at this propitious moment in time for a reason, but perhaps do not yet know what that reason may be, DeAnne’s book will serve as a welcome beacon on your path. Her prose carries a message that is at once relevant and comforting, and instantly timeless. She transcends the portals of space and time to illuminate the next phase of human development: The NEW Human. I encourage you to tune into her weekly Internet radio show on BlogTalkRadio by searching for The New Human. The address for her website, Interior Joy, can also be found there. Her site provides a tremendously valuable resource for these unprecedented times. DeAnne also offers a variety of personal services if you should feel the call to step more fully into your light. I can speak personally of the value of this, as I have been a client of hers for a number of years. She has helped me tremendously on my own journey. What can she do for you, the New Human waiting to be?” ~ Scott

“I learned my truth and learned to trust – trust myself and the universe through this book as well as DeAnnes Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio. DeAnne is a beautiful speaker with words that flow so harmoniously with my awareness. I found myself every Saturday morning at 11 in total bliss listening to her soothing voice and inspirational words, as if she was speaking directly to me, I knew where I was supposed to be each Saturday. She shares her daily adventures into the mountains of Western North Carolina with some of the most beautiful visual stories of her connection to this earth and the energies of the universe. DeAnne excudes light and radiance, compassion and understanding through expressions of energy, love, consciousness and divinity. This book is a perfect conduit of understanding our divinity and our oneness at this most critical time of radical change. This book spoke to me on many levels, I have to read it often to take it all in, as I find new meaning in passages I have read in the past. If you are on a spiritual journey, this book will guide you to see your truth, your divinity and your heart centered consciousness in a new light. The light of authenticity, where you will learn who you are, just as I did. In DeAnnes words, “Learn to surrender your mind-surrender it to the heart. Align with your inner truth.” ~ Cindy

“DeAnne challenges readers to step up and participate in there own and our collective evolution encouraging each person to do there part to help others along the way. She certainly is doing the work of nudging each reader to look at themselves and make adjustments to their process which is unique at an individual level. Her bravery in sharing her unique personal experiences are refreshing, to step out and do that takes courage, it seems many people are afraid to open up about there own experiences because of what they perceive others will think about them. Her doing this allows others to share their experiences and not feel fear. I encourage you to read this then contemplate upon the impact of what she writes and get on with the GREAT WORK of all humanity. Revolution Evolution.” ~ Jim

The New Human by DeAnne Hampton” This is a book that requires you to read and re-read in order to extract the deeper meaning and vibration of the words. I feel this is some of the first information and guide lines we need in order to create and manifest the new human of the future as we strive to live up to our highest potential on the new earth. Tanya P.

“Realize God Within Through Your Personal Experience of Life. The New Human is an marvelous down to earth book with DeAnne’s courage to share the experiences of her life. She has a way to open your heart and mind and encourage you to get out of the box. Be willing to jump out of the airplane without a parachute and learn to fly on the way down. Her expression of joy from within breaks down barriers and allows you to start the process of letting your true being as spirit open up and be seen. DeAnne’s fearlessness and vulnerability to share her unique experiences will help others open up and not be in a state of fear, about things that many people are afraid to share with others because what they think others might think about them. This is a time of Great and wonderful change for all of humanity as we become more aware of who we are and what our true nature is we can effect the lives of others around us in a positive way. As each of us becomes The New Human we invite others to do the same. We must get out of the prison of the mind and realize that we are all here for a purpose. Evolve to a higher plane of understanding. Become all you can be. Let this book open you up to a new improved you and shine the light of LOVE. You owe it to yourself to read this expression of love and share it with others.” ~ By J. Barry on March 5, 2010

“DeAnne is one of those rare gifts to our planet during these times of our collective evolution. She so clearly and poetically shares insights with us that trigger the deeper knowingness within our multi-strand DNA. This book is one of those rare finds that will help the reader move from linear thinking processes to a much more multidimensional perspective of perceiving a very new reality. She illuminates the path of walking into the 5th World of Light with her words. As we each become this New Human, we are blessed to have teachers like DeAnne there to share with us her personal journey of becoming along with stories that impart greater wisdom to help us traverse these new landscapes with greater ease and joy. I especially enjoy listening to her speak on her WorldPuja Radio Show each week, as it compliments and enhances the words in this book and I feel like I’m a part of this adventure in such an intimate way. Her voice carries with it the same multidimensional frequencies as are imparted in the book.” Enjoy. J Chambers Visionary Music

“This is a very provacative book about the awakening going on in our energy on planet earth at his time. DeAnne communicates clearly and from the depths of her experience and awakening the importance of being present and aware at levels we have not allowed ourselves in the past. The book is not long, but there are layers of meaning in the messages. I listen to her show on worldpujanetwork and in the archives from blog talk radio on her web site and she has this amazing ability to clearly communicate in images and energy just what i need at that moment. I love that she is teaching us how to break free of old belief systems and how to become self-referring, enlightened beings in a practical, grounded and expansive way. Read the book and visit […] to see experience yourself in connection to Gaia in a whole new, refreshing way. She is truly authentic!” Kate Lynde, Yoga Priestess