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The Shining Ones
Ambassadors of a New Age of Light

At a time when the world seems to be irrevocably out of balance, an Advanced Light Race from the Galactic Center returns to the Earth plane to usher humanity into a new genetics of being. It is no longer a question of can we imagine peace in our worldTSO-shadow with a more equitable and sustainable future~ the evolutionary marker of our time is, who are we ready to be!

The Shining Ones are known throughout the Cosmos as Master Geneticist – they carry the higher octave harmonics of humanity’s attunement to a 5D World. Through the New Human Templates of Love, Harmony, Joy, Unity, Co-Creation, Abundance and Sovereignty, these benevolent, wise and unconditional luminous ones are here to mirror the remembrance now activating in the human DNA.

This book follows the introduction of a New Human Paradigm in 2008 via DeAnne’s previous work, The New Human, Understanding Our Humanity, Embracing Our Divinity. The Shining Ones, Ambassadors of a New Age of Light follows the arc of humanity’s evolutionary expansion from 2006 through the 12/21/12 gateway and marks the planetary return of this Advanced Light Race to the human species. This manuscript is light-encoded as an attunement toward the highest potentials of human consciousness now awakening to a New Earth environment and world.

The humanity of our history lost its way in warring and separation, tyranny and greed. But the Light is returning once again to our planet, affecting a global Shift in Consciousness and Energy for the Collective of our species. As the density lessens and more of humanity begins to awaken to the original blueprint of its divine heritage… the Shining Ones are here to assist in the cellular activation of a new human race. To experience their presence and Light frequency is to step into a new echelon of beingness. The Shining Ones already know the future of the Earth Star and her sentient beings… the invitation is now extended to empower you toward that same remembrance: Universal Humans of a New and Enlightened World

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Excerpt from The Shining Ones ~ Chord Of Remembrance, Becoming The Song

The Light is calling us into a resonate field that expands us beyond seeming separation and differences, to an understanding and life chosen from the openness of sacred space, the emptiness and totality of the mystery that is the Light. The void of the unknown beckons to our joy, to beauty, to passion and our authentic nature. We have a great responsibility to be ourselves. We must learn the language of the Light and do the work of extracting ourselves from all previous scripts. Everything is brand new, this can be felt everyday, and the new is being empowered by energies that are activating changes in the way we connect with each other and life; the way we are supported within a continuous opening of the higher mind to all of Creation.

Reviews of The Shining Ones

“This book is incredibly beautiful to look at, the cover has given me hours of peace and contemplation. I have found the time I spend with the content to be equally peaceful – I can literally feel my mood and energy shift as I read random passages within the book. I feel closer to the Shining Ones when I spend time with these pages and am grateful for the opportunity to do so. ~ Sherie, AZ

“This book is many things – it lovingly explains in great depth the changes humanity is undergoing at this time, it is profound guidance on how to rise into a higher form and expression of Self and spending time with it is like being comforted by a best friend during quickly changing times. This book is a timeless companion and invaluable support as we ascend into a higher vibration of love.” Cindy, MA

“My girlfriend had her 85 year old mother spend several weeks with us this winter. She picked up The Shining Ones and read it cover to cover which blew our minds to start with…then she said it was the best explanation of our connection with the spiritual realms she had ever read! If you want to fully develop your relationship with Gaia, every human, and the Universe, read this book!” ~ Scott, The Big Island, Hawaii

What a book! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!
DeAnne & The Shining Ones are most definitely ambassadors & way showers to a New Earth reality of BEING & this book most definitely radiates new LIGHT, new LOVE throughout & within its pages of transformative TRUTH. DeAnne writes from the Heart space of I AM presence, which is our Source of creative expression & Higher Self connection……ONENESS seems to BE the shining theme of this radiant prose. She also writes with the Power of authentic innocence & wisdom & because she has full faith & trust in the Shining Ones message to humanity, her words ring true in my heart & resonate with the core of my being. For me, this book is my bible & a doorway to remembering my True divine nature SELF, right here & right NOW. I am truly blessed & truly grateful…… be evolving……I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book & recommend it highly to uplift the spiritual seeker/warrior to Truth & Love.

Karen K. Australia

This book is alive! By that I mean that I sense the actual transmission of the light codes as I am reading it. What is channeled here is very pure, uplifting energy encoded by light. As was mentioned in another review, you can read a passage again and again and always go deeper. In one section the Shining Ones are described as high beings of the elven kingdom connected to nature, and in my mind I picture them not unlike the elves in the movie the Hobbit….very beautiful…though probably more just light beings in reality.

The author De Anne Hampton is a clear and dedicated channel for these energies whose mission is to help us all shift to the fifth dimension, an imperative in our times. If you are a seeker of authentic channeled material which will gift you with deepened awareness and assistance on your spiritual journey read this book!

Nancy Ferguson

I’ve been following DeAnne for years. While preparing her books for eBooks format, I was amazed at the depth I felt. The Shinning Ones book has a 100 chapters, each a reflection of the now, and often with a direct connection to her New Human Transmissions. My suggestion is to just pick a chapter. It will be the right one. ~ Digby