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Ruysen-Flores-Venancino-Old-Sacred-ShamanBlessing Light Tribe,

I AM sharing with you a favorite music compilation – Shaman’s Eye. It is not necessarily meditation music, which is how I often share really good vibration, harmonic and rhythms with you on webcasts. The first track, Roots of the Earth was my intention, but it worked out to share the whole album with you here so if you don’t have time to listen all at once, perhaps a song a day to tune the mind and energy body to the indigenous wisdom of the ancestors, the ancient ones and the Earth Mother who is, herself, a shaman’s eye when it comes to perspective on our past, present and future.

I am the light I see in others
I am the sun so high above
I am the sky rich with color
I am the root of the earth…

This ancient wisdom and perspective is the heart of the energy driving the New Human gathering this September for the Fall Equinox. September is a pivotal month for humanity – one that the higher realm energies, Divine gateways and crystalline merge sequences have been preparing us for with great acceleration, activation and shift this entire year. I have been guided to unlock more of the New Human/Crystalline energies and I AM templates stored in sacred sites upon Gaia and deep within crystalline beds. And I need your help. In fact, this Equinox Initiative with be a collaboration between the Shining Ones, Gaia, ancient wisdom keepers, the higher realms and those called to participate, including their guides. This is not an present moment idea, this is something that we (and you know who you are) have been walking up to for many eternities.

We will be charging quartz crystals and performing ritual in the ancient waters of the French Broad river – one of the 5 oldest rivers in the world, dating over 300 million years. The French Broad is an french-broad-north-carolinaancient river that notably flows across and through rather than down from the Appalachian mountains. It is an example of an antecedence meaning it or its ancestor existed before the mountains. Additionally, the Appalachian mountains are the oldest mountains on the planet, dating over200_FrenchBroad 480 million years ago. That ancient presence and their range of over 1200 miles is equally important to the ritual we will be creating on Gaia’s behalf.

Once we have charged the crystals in a ritual guided by the Shining Ones and ancient wisdom keepers of the earth energies, we will be going to the ancient site in the Shining Ones woods to create a grid with the crystals. This grid will carry the the I AM templates and distribute the codes within the crystals through the grid system of the earth. We, me and those called, will be part of unlocking ancient creation20140409_145949 that higher realms teams working on our earth’s behalf will use to to connect with all the crystal beds, ancient sites and aquifers to nurture, heal, restore balance and anchor more light on our planet at this time. More Light = more light – for Earth and humanity alike!

This Equinox, Blood Moon Initiative is a 5D creation. The intel and details manifesting are a vertical dispensation of pure light frequencies. The human aspect is not directing the events as they unfold and participation in this experience will, equally so, serve as a 5D initiation and attunement for those involved. I know there are to be 10 beings in a body in addition to mine, activating the 11 vibration and sequence as part of the overall portal of light we will be working with on the 22nd and 23rd, the 23rd being the Equinox gate, itself. I also feel strongly this initiative is additionally a reunion of tribe energies too, that those answering this call have deeper connections and purpose in coming together at this time that will extend beyond the event itself. DSC00575This, along with the Equinox activation sequences will assist those present in jumping to future timelines, if that is what the individual is ready for.

When all is said and done, I do take my work and responsibilities as an Interdimensional Liaison, Wayshower, Ascension Guide and New Human Gatekeeper in Service to the New Light, seriously! However, as a 5th World initiate I also know a lot about joy and wonder and being one with the vibrational world. You will have LOTS of that remembrance in this experiential Equinox, as well. We will be sharing a meal together at my favorite restaurant which is very 5D in nature, local, organic, vegetarian, consciously prepared food that will make you want to move here! Partaking in one of my favorite natural swimming holes with water so clear you can drink it, etc. This is some of the magic of balancing the desires of the inner child (ego) with the greater wisdom and responsibilities of the Divine Self. Let go, say yes, jump in, step up, free your mind and open your heart to the known and unknown of this exquisitely guided Equinox Initiative. We have just a few openings left, one has your name on it!

Right after reserving your spot – make note of these upcoming events!
The Next New Human webcast – Sunday August 2nd, 11:11 am!

August stands out in its own right in the crystalline merge sequence – with the Lion’s Gate portal between July 25th and August 12th, the height of which is 8/8 – so that harmonic will be a strong focus for this show and meditation! Also, the New Human and Shining Ones will be on the telesummit, Awaken to Happiness Now on Tuesday 8/4 at 2pm eastern. I welcome my new human family and tribe to come and share the space with me in these 2 timely initiatives as we continue to anchor and ride the light waves of these new crystalline energies. The doors are open, the light is strong and brightly lit on our behalf, the 7th race of a very new humanity and earth!

With tremendous love, light, gratitude and bliss to all!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. Deanna Medley says:

    Please put me on your mailing list.I just found you and I live in Jacksonville, NC and am very interested in what you are doing! Thank you, Deanna

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    I’m so looking forward to spending time in and with the waters and my tribe.


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