Harnessing Love, Transmuting Fear


We are 1/2 way through this Pre-Moon Gateway with profoundly deep experiences of the Divine, of the divine in ourselves and a much fuller experience of 5th World than has been possible prior to this moment. This final gateway of July, the 25th-29th, is for the purpose of transmuting any remaining fears about the Shift, about waking up and changing profoundly and letting go of life as we know it and Ascending to a higher order, a higher Mystery and Expression of who we are. There is tremendous peace present in this NOW – and our work is to balance that peace with the denser swirls of transmutation underway as we meet different aspects of ourselves within the details and routines of everyday life.

There is tremendous Higher realms support for your transformation process right now – and it is far greater than any remaining lower level structures, programs and people intent on deception and destruction. Choosing Love over Fear seems like a no-brainer until we discover that fear has an uncanny ability to hide in coping mechanisms and the preference of accepting limitation rather than turning ones life upside down in order to bring the light into every nook and cranny of our experience. It is important to acknowledge that this Shift is in our hands, individually and collectively – only HUmans and HUman creations delay the evolutionary process of Ascension. There are SO many levels of the game being played with none of it in our control… however, as you choose Love, peace and balance over Fear and inertia, your higher consciousness will automatically expand, rise and align with the levels of support by many realms of beings and levels of light that will soon be revealed to you.

There will be a lot of Shining Ones Guidance in this regard on the webcast this Sunday. I will share some recent mystical experiences in nature and examples of how the Collective Shift is manifesting in the natural world… we will look more closely at the phenomenon and gift of the Lion’s Gate and the changes occurring in the physical vessel as well as new fears associated with transfiguration. This transmission will be a harmonic gift guaranteed to raise your frequency to a new level of clarity and peace… this NOW moment in time is providing a vast acceleration for those resonating with the Cosmic Christ/Crystalline consciousness. Come and experience this Crystalline essence first hand via sound and light-code, metaphor and the love of the Shining Ones. It is possible to leave indecision behind and move with joy into ever increasing clarity as we are willing to embrace this passage with deep spiritual maturity. I AM very serious about the Christed Self, I know I came here to discover and align with it. Will you join me?

With the Light and Love of Oneness,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

The next New Human Transmission, Sunday 8/2, 11:11 am eastern
Theme: Lion’s Gate, Transfiguration and Fear Of the Unknown
Meditation: Higher Self Merge
Music: Om Namah Shiviya by WAH

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2 comments on “Harnessing Love, Transmuting Fear
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I too am very serious about the Christed Self. Even my dog is cooperating with what is going on. She is more quiet now in the mornings when we are both outside and I am meditating under my favorite tree.


    • DeAnne says:

      🙂 that is very cool Judy! Our pets do know and ultimately are here to help us along the path not distract us from it!When we have a pet or person for that matter that seems to distract us or get in the way of BEing Peace and aligning with our truest expression – – – it usually has more to do with us than them!Either way, they are assisting us with the transformation process! xo

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