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Spirituality-in-a-Not-So-Spiritual-WorldEach of us is here to remember something – it is not about learning and feeding the mind – although that has its merits in this dimension. But evolution is about remembering and remembering has to do with consciousness and energy; which work together – almost like two sides of the same coin. So, there are things you can do and awareness to grow – to help you embody and understand your Self and the reality around you energetically, versus mentally and emotionally. That is the path to remembrance.

Familiar – structure – following the crowd, herd mentality, routine and know spaces limit your access to remembering, where as creativity, joy, doing what you love, service, making a return, these things help stimulate and even activate the DNA codex of your spiritual being, Authentic nature, Divine New HUman.

Gratitude to all who joined me in the SUPER NOVA webcast yesterday of the New Human! It was quite an event at almost 2 hours with unexpected and otherworldly guest and energies reaching from the Galactic Center through the Lion’s Gate and out to the Fall Equinox! The ascension waves are fierce and unrelenting yet filled with grace and unparalleled love. My favorite phrase of late is “just wow.”

If you missed the transmission, no worries, the archive is now available for your listening pleasure. As always, I suggest listening many times to catch all the layers and subtleties of harmonics.

8/2/15 webcast: Lion’s Gate, Transfiguration and Fear Of the Unknown

Also, please come and join in support of the New Human and Shining Ones on Awaken To Happiness Now Telesummit this Tuesday, August 4th @ 2pm eastern. You can access the link easily from this one here – you will also find it where you always find the show link – at the top of the site – front and center! This event is free – but you must sign up to listen!
Theme: The New Human – Activating New DNA and Consciousness

Much Love to ALL, as usual, you are always in my heart and I AM so grateful you are here!!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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One comment on “Divine New HUman
  1. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    I enjoyed the webcast very much. My antenna went up immediately when you mentioned the violet beings. In my daily spiritual research I look for correspondence between different sources to see if the same things are being voiced. I find lots of correspondence. Beings from all over are watching/aiding/helping etc.Does anyone know who Mike Dooley is? He has a website and has recently gotten in touch with a group consciousness that refer to themselves as “Frank”. Their civilization nearly wiped themselves out by going down the same path as us but they were able to turn things around just as we are now doing. They too are here to lend their support.

    I’m glad you mentioned divine neutrality and merciful detachment. It helped to confirm what I have been feeling-though my ego, from time to time, still gets caught up in the trauma and drama.

    Good job, DeAnne. Looking forward to tomorrow’s conversation with Shafali.


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