Tremendous Transfiguration – Lion’s Gate

ascended_heart-800x400Blessings of Light and Love New Humans,

Just sharing a moment of reflection from the Lion’s Gate Portal. The day has had a profound stillness, as if to say, “where did everybody go.” It wasn’t just visual although there was a noticeable clearing of traffic and parking lots and people in general. Additionally, the sensation has been a bit like being drawn up into a vacuum, transported by this gateway to an alternate experience of reality. Along with the stillness – felt nothingness, there was also a palpable sense of power that manifested in the physical body, the mind and the spirit. In finding words, imagine having a transformer plugged into the physical aspect that, in turn, opened up a channel of unlimited light energy.

I was in the Shining Ones woods early, my favorite time of day to be in nature. The image above pretty much captures the energy and harmonic, color and light that was present. I am curious if any of you who gathered there with me today experienced anything similar. There was, additionally, a lot of grid activity with a constant exchange of energy in the form of waves from the Galactic Center. Just as we talked about in the 8/2 New Human webcast – there were felt and visible waves bathing the earth with light keys (think tones) and codes, geometric codes to assist with the evolution of the planet for the next cycle. The way this translated into our everyday experience was a feeling of physical strength, physical power, a lightness, almost a sing-songie essence throughout the day! A lot of this had to do with 3D constructs being suspended in cosmic nothingness, creating transfiguration activity throughout much of the day. The activations seemed pretty constant, with a concentration every 2 hours or so, mimicking wave activity.

Finally, there was a felt presence of timelessness and peace lingering in the inbetween spaces of wherever and all your day took you. Remember, this portal remains active through the 12th – it is yours to make it your own. This gift is for you, the ascending human. This heightened activity and frequency is in support of positive change for the purpose of stepping more into our roles as co-creators of a new earth with infinite creative possibilities. This portal is a gift for you to harness – use your intention and imagine the activity you see in the image above to be all around and within you – call forth the highest version of you possible and welcome that consciousness into your current understanding and experience of reality. Be extra good to your Self too, celebrate the transformation you are undergoing and take time to nurture the new that is emerging from within.

Much Love to ALL – you are in my heart always! ? ? ☀


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4 comments on “Tremendous Transfiguration – Lion’s Gate
  1. Kathleen says:

    I am tagging you into today’s poem.Your message in my heart DeAnne.

  2. says:

    I so appreciate your comments. They were great confirmation for me because a profound stillness is exactly what I felt on 8/8. Soon after I entered the woods on that day I did a short meditation, standing on top of a tree stump, connecting. My personality expected a huge rush of energy, but instead I felt the deep stillness. Then as my walk through the woods proceeded, within about 5 minutes I encountered two different families, each with 3 young children, most looking no older than five or six. They were all extraordinarily peaceful and seemed to hold the energy of 5D and the thought that coursed through my mind was that humanity is coming back to nature. And nature is welcoming us with open arms. It was a beautiful experience. Thanks, DeAnne, for being our guide through these magical times.

  3. Diana Donovan says:

    Yes, I felt stillness, peace, contentment on this morning. My grandchildren had spent the night with me. Early that morning we made pancakes together, then I met a friend to transplant precious teacher plants into my new herbal medicine garden in the middle of a huge organic farm that feeds the hungry. The air at 8:00 was cool (very unusual for Raleigh in Aug!), soft, sweet – the birds were chirping everywhere. Big flocks of geese flying over. My friend and I worked side by side putting the plants in, my heart full of gratitude for this day. As people arrived at the farm everyone had big smiles, there was a sense of ease and contentment, our hair swirling in the gentle breezes. Ahhh so blissful. Thank you DeAnne for all that you are and all the joy and Divine connections that you bring to us. Love & Green blessings. Yes, Nature is welcoming us into her arms!

    • DeAnne says:

      I love this reflection darstar of the children – new earth family demonstrating peace and alignment with the earth – that brings her much joy and healing! And Diana, your sharing of communion with one another and with the animal kingdom, plants and herbs etc – PERFECT moments of 5th world and harmony – demonstrated peace. THANK YOU!! Big Love!! ✨?✨ ?

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