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Good Morning Light Tribe,

A listener to my recent guest spot with Shefali Burns on Awaken To Happiness Now wrote in with the following question. I thought this Q&A moment would be helpful to the many… EnJOY!

Question: Why do we even need our physical bodies for the ascension to the 5th dimension when we are essential spirit/vibrational beings? I know we can create and feel and experience while in physical form which we cannot do in the same way while in spirit form. Is the physical body with these abilities still needed in the 5th dimension for humankind’s continual evolution?

New Human Response: Gratitude for listening and reaching out. As for your question – it is not a matter of need – in ascending with our body we are part of the earth’s (again as a planet, not consciousness) evolution to a higher vibrating organism. 5th World is both vibrational (we’ve had that experience) and now, with this SHIFT, we have the opportunity to help the 3D planet transcend to a 5D organism. As each lower vibrating system achieves a new capacity – the whole Universe is affected in positive ways. Ultimately – if we are able transmute the density of the physical body and ascend with them – we no longer have to comeback and repeat the dense cycle of life/death/amnesia and forgetting  – body mind and spirit will have achieved Oneness. And then a whole new world/existence opens up to us! 🙂light_body-1

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*** And for your convenience – Replay of guest spot on ATHN 8/4 – New Human – Activating DNA!

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