One Heart, One World


Do you know how powerful you are? Do you remember how special you are? Do you feel the importance of this moment and your purpose within this moment? We are finding our way out of the shadow into Light once again, out of the amnesia of separation into the Truth, that we are each and every one experiencing extensions of the Eternal. An important piece of waking up is being ever mindful of the ways and times you send your energy out into the circumstances and observations of life around you, seeing what appears to be off or wrong or not aligned with the Light. Because in those moments, you are simply seeing a mirror of the separation that remains in you; out of fear, out of forgetfulness, misunderstanding or limited belief. Every thing under the Sun is right and true in the eyes of Love, all persons are having the experience that is theirs to have for reasons we cannot begin to fathom or understand. The more we can allow and trust life to be as it is and breathe in the peace of God, the forgiveness and love, beauty and Light of Creation into the many facets of the One Existence we all inhabit, the more our personal Light and the power of our individual Love will serve to return those facets back to the One, back to Unity, home to God.

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  1. OMFeet says:

    Spoken in true Love and Light…thank you <3

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