Each day, the Light beckons us to new expressions of our love, our wisdom, our creativity, our power, our light and the greater truth of who we are. The more aware we become of this invitation, the closer we are to remembering that we are the ones extending it. If only for a moment or an hour or a day… make a conscious effort to glow with the beauty of that remembrance until it becomes you and you unfold and the world is born anew, through you!

Still marinating in the gratitude and fullness of last Sunday’s New HUman Transmission. Thank you to the many in the physical and non-physical realms who came with your intention, your presence and your love to contribute to this new consciousness experience. Please take time to listen and re-listen, taking in the new data streams and Light language of a very new, relevant and accessible human potential.

Unifying Our Higher Levels~ 8/16/15 webcast – The New HUman

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  1. Karen says:

    GLOW….RIOUS!! <3

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