Gathering As One

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Dear Beautiful Beings,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for joining in and supporting DeAnne Live. Everyday, we are in the process of expansion and listening to the energies as to what all wants to be included in this 5th World invitational. Just to share some thoughts aloud – The New Day page will have something new everyday – aligned with the strongest vibrations of that day. The Time-Out page will have a new meditation, video and song approximately every week. Something cool that began happening as I tuned into the pieces up now is that they all wanted to be vibrationally aligned with one another; song/meditation/video. So there is an attunement in just that simplicity by extending a unified field of consciousness, energy and intention between 3 different modalities. It will be fun to see if that theme wants to continue, but as always, I am merely serving as a conduit to the energies and not forcing any of what transpires.

A new Shining Ones Chapter will go up, read by yours truly, every 2 weeks or so – I can only be “so” exacting with time because this site WILL model the energies of timelessness more and more. Utterly important! Archives of ALL shows on the way, MANY more photos of the blissful reality here coming soon and ongoing, (there is a new slider on the Time-out page accompanying the song FACE OF GOD that is all “New Sun” photos from the shining ones forest) AND as soon as we get a solid showing of new members – we will begin a “portal forum” – with ongoing topics for you to jump in on related to living in a 5D world and body!! We are mindful that it is important to allow the entity that is DeAnne Live find its own rhythm.

As I have mentioned, YOU have a great deal to do with how the site continues to evolve, as well. Those guided to show up, what you bring in desire, where you are on your journey and what you carry in your heart… all these things are being factored into the co-creative process of this platform. We are currently working on “category archives” so that if you are guided to go back and listen to a song that I shared 2 months ago for example – you will be able to easily find that. “Simplicity with depth” is a constant goal for the New Human team behind the scenes here because that concept is an effortless essence of 5th World.

And speaking of essence, we will delve into what it means to capture and embody the essence of a thing versus fixate on the details of it via mind, on the next show transmission on 4/15. We are all being drawn deep into the core of our being in unison with Gaia’s movement toward the Galactic Center. This month will demand that we look at every little thing that may, as yet, be hanging on relating to home, the “mother” relationship, attachments to certain traits we perceive as “who we are” and deep evaluations of the Self. These things must be surrendered and made to sparkle in the Light before our greater roles of service will appear. So, intense, yes, but inexplicably fortuitous times we are in.

Please share the site and what we are doing here as you are guided. I know the New Earth energies and I know they are about community, gathering, seeing, loving, co-creating and opening our lives and hearts to the highest good for all. There is magic, it is a new consciousness, extending an invitation and we are saying yes, with Sovereign Unity and immense gratitude.

Light of Oneness,

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2 comments on “Gathering As One
  1. Karen says:

    I agree….wholeheartedly. At least I am saying yes, yes, yes…..with less fear & more loving awareness….hallelujah!!! 🙂 Much gratitude <3 The energies are soooooooo ramped up already!!!! What a month of transformation it will be……woohoo!!

  2. DeAnne says:

    It is good to see you here Karen and have your beautiful aussie light co-mingling with the intention of the many. YES! is a good place to be, no resistance, only trust – only Love. xo

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