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5d78f3994b22ff3403c1081add398441-1024x683Bigger Life, Higher Choices, New and very Refined Spaces… this now is ALL about allowing bigger life. In fact, I AM in awe of how big life and the world and the invitation to join with this new are in this very expansive NOW.

Good Morning Beloved New HUman Tribe,

As I mentioned in the current webcast (airing 8/16) August 22-25th is the final of the Cosmic Triggers this month, setting the tone and allowing the full force of the final Equinox-Blood Gateway next month to enter in. This is a time for joy, for appreciating the beauty and ease of Authentic Life, a time to refine your reach and polish the mind of old programs for renewed clarity about your mission, your dominant desire and your truer relationship with abundance and unlimited life. The Lion’s Gate anchored well, creating a significant shift in the energies last week and setting the trajectory to take advantage of a higher experience! And where everyone’s higher experience is a personal embodiment, nevertheless, enough of this higher light has anchored to be available as a higher experience for all.

Know that, in the known reality, the magnetic shifts can make life on this planet feel unstable. We talked about this phenomenon in the current webcast – these magnetic shifts are largely responsible for the numerous and multiplying light pillars being witnessed around the globe. The outer sheathe of the old paradigm earth is cracking and this new inner radiance is seeping through, again creating all kinds of phenomenon, observable and invisible to the naked eye. Remember to BREATHE and tune into the Earth Mother, she will assist you in creating stability within, which will then reverberate to create a new stability without. Loving what is, being generous and nurturing with the Self, recognizing doubt and/or confusion as guidance to be still and consistently moving beyond duality is imperative to embodiment. Embodiment is the heart and center of the Shift in 2015 for those choosing Ascension! Again, we covered the manifestations and gifts of embodiment in the current webcast – but suffice it to say that with embodiment – there is NO MORE WAVERING, of mind, emotions, commitment, purpose or the path forward from here. Likewise, there is mastery level patience with the lower level scenarios. Stay true to your path, look not to what is being predicted and sent round the “what if” wheel of the old consciousness. These programs where cleared with the Lion’s Gate and with that, a new level of clarity, peace, order and innate wisdom that sees without seeing the Mastery Path available in this pristine space of Divinity.

Expect, welcome and allow a stream of Higher Choices to become the leading influence of your mind. The trigger this weekend is on behalf of a Higher Collective choice. This is a STRONG SHIFT – embrace and celebrate it above all else. Stay in your mastery and honor your process whatever the details and know that what you personally set into motion during the trigger will affect your personal experience of the remaining months of this year.

I encourage you to listen to the most recent New Human transmissions leading up to this NOW as they carry vibrational bridges building incremental supports attuned to the higher choices and higher energies on your behalf. The meditations, as well, are attunements working directly with vibrational you through sound and light to support the DNA sequences activating at this time. Start as far back as the Summer Solstice, earlier if you are so guided, and you will benefit from the embodiment sequences harmonically woven into these transmissions via transformational energies. Create, join together, deepen your experience with the nature, be willing to be accountable when old programs appear in your world and get clear on what you desire to unfold from this moment forward. Free-will is a construct of the 3D Zone – in the higher vibrating spaces, we accept responsibility for all creations and make choices reflecting our own unique reflections of Source. Be in as clear and centered of a space as possible going into this trigger and your experience will be one of effortless acceleration versus anxiety and chaotic momentum. I recently found a new bumper sticker that I love – it reads, Asheville is my OM. I invite you to make that your own, ” this moment is my OM.” etc etc etc

Bigger Life, Higher Choices, New and very Refined Spaces… this now is ALL about allowing bigger life. It literally feels as if the world, our planet, has tripled is size with unlimited space all around us and available to us in a very new way!  This is how spacious the energies continue to be – clearing, balancing, resetting to zero point, new foundation, new grid activating, new life! I AM, indeed, in awe of how big life and the world and the invitation to join with this new are in this very expansive NOW.

We are ONE in this momentous journey – never separate, never alone.
One Love,

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3 comments on “Unlimited Life
  1. buk2015 says:

    New and very refined spaces. Exactly. Originally, I wrote about men and the ascension spiral. On reflection, its about anyone you meet. I quote, “Your energies are very very high. Understanding the spiral (a metaphor-language of light), gives us perspective and meaning in our individual efforts to live consciously.” I was unprepared for what followed a recent Jacklyn Johnstone broadcast (Prageet Harris and Julieanne Conard channelling Alcazar at Mt Shasta). O my goodness the spiral goes out into the infinity of space, to who we are as star beings. That is the meaning of know who you are. I found myself in a higher state, spacious as you say where the rule is no judgement. Also the star beings long for contact and I feel it. Mother Mary, earth divine feminine, Gautama Buddha, divine masculine. Your work is precious. I ll look at your material just now. Thank you so much

    • DeAnne says:

      “the star beings long for contact” ???YES, indeed! – and TY buk2015 – for being a conscious and evolving male! ?

  2. Karen says:

    I am once again clearing & cleansing my earthly body to allow (never an easy task, I must admit!) RE`union……Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))
    In gratitude ~ I create Space to RE`ceive
    OM Shanti OM

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