The Light Is Calling

20150906_163056The Light is calling us into a resonate field that expands us beyond seeming separation and differences, to an understanding and life chosen from the openness of sacred space, the emptiness and totality of the Mystery that is the Light. The void of the unknown beckons to our joy, to beauty, to passion and our Authentic Nature. We have a great responsibility to be ourselves. We must learn the language of the Light and do the work of extracting ourselves from all previous scripts. Everything is brand new, this can be felt everyday, and the new is being empowered by energies that are activating changes in the way we connect with each other and life; the way we are supported within a continuous opening of the higher mind to all of Creation.

excerpt – The New Human, Understanding Our Humanity, Embracing Our Divinity

Good Morning Light Tribe,

One of the last things I remember doing before jumping out of an airplane at 11,ooo ft, was talking to the Shining Ones and feeling so at peace. There was a period of 10 to 15 seconds (a lot when you are falling at 120 mph) that I “went somewhere” – as if the time went missing – that I do not remember. This was verified and observed by my instructors who had jumped out with me and with whom I was suppose to be communicating with via hand signals! It still feels surreal and I am contemplating what that was. As we know, a few seconds in this dimension can be a day or year or many in another! But I do feel changed, different, altered in ways I can and mostly can’t explain.

I came home from a very long, intense, exhausting, liberating and blessed day of experience with vast spaces and opened The New Human to this passage above.  “The Light is calling us… life chosen from the openness of sacred space… the unknown beckons us to our joy, to beauty and passion,” out beyond fear and limitation …. out where we are free.

I am sharing this moment out of time with you – me and my orb and then below, riding thermals with a winged one~ along with the wisdom of this New HUman Consciousness and Energy as a reminder that every single moment is one that can change your life forever!  “Everything is brand new, this can be felt everyday.” As we hone in on the Equinox Gate with the precision of our hearts and the trust of all of Creation inside of us, may we all give ourselves permission to be “empowered by these energies and supported within a continuous opening to something so much greater.”

One Love,
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  1. fitzcan says:

    Awesome photo, DeAnne. ….and about as close as I’ll ever get to the actual experience!! 😉


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