Breathe and Remember

meme-earthBlessings Tribe of Light~

We are being marinated with really refined and pure frequencies~ higher spaces, new choices, greater love for Self and all of existence is permeating the field and providing a lot of nothingness to explore and swim around in. The energies are very fluid, there is very little if any resistance and much abundance to be had, enjoyed, allowed and appreciated. The mind is very still, notice this – embrace this and bring intention to creating spaces in your NOW to mirror the vast nothingness that is present. Notice, as well, how easily (or not) it is for you to maintain the no thought, no worry, no mind peaceful states of just BEING with the New that is here ~ because that is where the new activation sequences and higher insights into your “what next” abide. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and hold out your hand without the need to know anything… trust the nothingness and this incredibly vast space will become you and you will remember and the separation will surrender to the new energy within and without.

Great Love, Gratitude, Oneness and Peace to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Breathe and Remember
  1. Kathleen says:

    Yes to your message DeAnne! Sharing my poem for today, seems in harmony.
    As Our Perceptions
    Shift While Walking
    In the Halls Of
    We Are Moving
    Together As One,
    Our Creation,
    Each Moment
    Love You!

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