Soul Shine and the Cosmic Christ

b422cdea-7352-4993-91e9-2c7dac9bd898Good Morning Light Tribe,

I have a beautiful lyric and harmonic to share with you here, so aligned with this brilliant now! It is called Enchantment – and is this moment in our lives and the expansion of our world not filled with enchantment? I found understanding the lyric doesn’t even matter as much as allowing the melody to take you away into memories of parallel lives and realities very different from the one we know today. At one point you will hear a call to Sananda, Sananda, calling to a place where the light shines beyond our mortal lives.

There is tremendous support available right now, for transformation. It can be found in the rays of the Sun and in the Solar Cosmic Christ templates, which are Universal, yet actualize uniquely for each individual. This is the time of the True Self! Compassion, patience, faith and trust will guide you to the Equinox Gate as you are challenged through various levels of consciousness upgrades.

Spend some suspended moments with this song, close your eyes, imagining the Light on the horizon and your reunion with the Christed Self. And then come and share the space of the New Human tomorrow – 9/6 – 11:11am as we deepen our connection to the Light within, vibrational you and the remembrance of the true Divine capacities of the Divine New Human.

The New Human Webcast – Merging With the Esoteric, Mastery Level Embodiment

Much Love to ALL!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Enchantment by Sheila Chandra

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4 comments on “Soul Shine and the Cosmic Christ
  1. Chantal says:

    What a beautiful piece of music, pulsing with high vibrational substenance.

    Thank you DeAnne for sharing your great discovery.

    Much love

  2. judith says:

    Sorry i posted this in wrong place yesterday….I just listened to this music — it’s been a long time since i picked up my bowls, drum, tuning fork and danced; this music inspired me to – i journeyed far singing to Sananda and then was lovingly carried “back home” to the Divine heart that I AM. thank you deanne xoxo

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