Energy For A New Era, Blood Moon Total Eclipse


Blood Moon Total Lunar ECLIPSE
Sept 27th 2015~ 8:50pm mountain

“If you go where few have gone, you will find what few have found.”
Mahatma Buddha

This quote has accompanied my path for as long as I can remember. It dropped into the preparation for this blog about the Super Charged Eclipse Portal we stand at the threshold of, purposefully so. A Solar Eclipse and Blood Moon are essentially an imprint of energy for a new era, a preview of future themes, and thus, a strongly fated signal. Add to this high energy frequency, several other astrological happenings (Mercury Retrograde, Pluto direct, the North Node on the Galactic Center, Saturn having just left 29 Scorpio) – all of which are converging into a very high intensity and high transformational period of time on Earth, personally and collectively. In this Eclipse portal we stand at the threshold of choice: will we move forward and grow into uncharted and unfamiliar territory or will we stay stuck in the karmic patterns of the past? Neither is a lesser or wrong choice. It is to acknowledge that there is a profound level of support here now to catapult us out of old agreements and grooves, limitations and duality that we have danced with for many lifetimes! Greater still is the awareness that the hand reaching out to us now, is our own!

Self Love, falling in love with this NOW is a pivotal. This magnetic pull to new existence, first and foremost, is for the purpose of supporting a dramatic change in our relationship with ourselves: New Human emerging into a new relationship to its true and Divine power. It is time to release those emotional charges that trip us up with illusions of being less than or hold us in defensive patterns – the old stories that assign the responsibility for freedom and happiness to things or persons outside of ourselves. If your shadow shows up, instead of pushing it back into the unconscious, embrace it, name it, shine the Light on it and allow it into your life. This is the ultimate choice—stay open to all of yourself and own it. Then take it into your relationships and work consciously to include those rejected parts of yourself. This tetrad of Eclipses have definitely highlighted any imbalances playing out in our relationships. Be vigilant in owning any and all reflections of SEPARATION in your life. This energy will suffocate the new that is emerging both as a lifeforce around you and within you. Surrender, Release, Acceptance, Softness, Inclusion, Love. Remember the way this energy feels, breathe into and truly observe the energy on September 28th. Know that the intuitive energy coming to the forefront of your power as a New Human is your truest destiny.

Use this Eclipse to go deeply within– it can dramatically change your life for the better! The portal is open right now for amazing, exponential growth and karmic clearing. Of course we have to choose to walk through the portal- no one is going to push us through it or do the work for us. We have to show up and do the work ourselves. A Blood Moon creates an intense global sense of purpose, focus, even euphorically strong intent and passion for destiny. Remember to fully utilize this strong sense of purpose, and focus your intent constructively on the 28th – create and hold the space for it in your individual lives but also in our collective world. May this Eclipse portal awaken you to the Highest version of yourself!

I AM still marinating in the integration of all that occurred within the days of transformational Light in the New Human Equinox initiative. I AM SO GRATEFUL for the tribe that gathered here and shifts that occurred. More on that to come… be present with this Blood Moon gift and see it as an opportunity to go higher and deeper, expanding further out with the energies embodied on the Fall Equinox. This is a highly intense and prophesied time – that these gateways and portals are falling on sacred days, inviting more of the worlds focus into the possibility of CHANGE – compounds the power and potential that is present for our world. See it all as Love, welcome the shifts into your heart and trust your role in creating very real change aligned with the I AM, New Human, Solar Cosmic Christ Templates: Love, Harmony, Peace, Compassion, Joy, Forgiveness, Unity, Communion and Co-Creation. Breathe the Intention of the I AM into everything you are and do – and all will be well. ALL IS WELL.

With the Gratitude and Love of ONENESS,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones






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  1. Karen says:

    Just Emerging from a week of SHIFT & feeling at peace & whole once again …. Hallelujah….??? Quite a journey of RElease & surrender!! Your words of Truth ring loud & clear DeAnne & the Shining Ones……namaste ??✨ ….for the Highest Good of All ~ One Love (((((((((+)))))))))

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