Golden Planes Of Bliss

Blessings Light Tribe,

I was called to the Waterfalls, I had to go! Deeply suspended in the Blood Moon’s energies and regarding the Shining Ones words about this magnificent “eclipse” of Tetrads: “Remember the way this energy feels, breathe into and truly observe the energy on September 28th. Know that the intuitive energy coming to the forefront of your power as a New Human is your truest destiny.” And so, to these sacred falls of the Cherokee, Cullasaja, meaning honey locust place, we bypassed the view from the roads and followed the pull of these mystical waters down, down, down to the fierce and roaring thunder of these crystal cascades.

I have captured for you here the exact path of descent into the river’s heart – the first video is on top of the waterfall, all the golds just filled my heart with a knowing gratitude that the tide has indeed, turned on the Golden Age of a New Humanity.

The next 4 videos are the progression of the descent down a slippery rock mountainside to be ONE with these crystalline waters. Notice the channels within the falls – 5 seemed to be the predominant energy of the day as we came upon these water channels and too, ended up with 5 videos, unplanned. Five resonates personal freedom, major life changes, the unconventional (life outside known), progression in the direction of new growth! I’m thinking that is a pretty worthwhile energy to be immersed in today, to breathe in, observe and take into my being, on behalf of a New Human, New Earth existence. My wish is for you to feel yourself right there with me, in the golden bliss and freedom of this Blood Moon Gate, passage to a new tomorrow!

With the Love of ONENESS,

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7 comments on “Golden Planes Of Bliss
  1. Joy says:

    Thanks for taking me to the waterfalls…I could almost feel the mist on my face and the sound was flowing through me so I could imagine being there with you.

  2. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    What a beautiful, wonderful place to be! Thanks for sharing. Loved the energies.


  3. Smiley10 says:

    Thank you DeAnne for sharing. These videos capture what it means to BE and feel alive – and for the deep gratitude i am feeling to Gaia.

  4. Copeland says:

    Wow! Thank you for this joyful experience

  5. lloyd says:

    nameste DeAnne what a magical paradise and adventure !

  6. DeAnne says:

    I knew I was not having the experience for myself alone, New Humans – there was way too much abundance and love and LIFE present. It was a moment demonstrating the invitation of this NOW – to come out of our known and commune with our changing world in new ways. Getting down to the falls and in the cold waters on a damp day in the mountains was also an opportunity to override (defy) the mind and delight as a child in the messy wonders of our earth. I can feel the waters still – they were SO ALIVE with joy, dancing waters beckoning to “come and play and be ONE with the radiance.”

    This week of Equinox/Blood Moon energies has cleared the density around us with the fierceness and finality of a tsunami – the ONLY response is to begin anew – guided by the heart – toward the awakened dream!! ???

  7. Karen says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh ??? Cleansed & sparkling NEW! ???? ???
    SHE is soooooooo Magnificant & Beautiful ???✨

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