Free Falling

falling_angel_by_sugarock99-d48b5gnI was talking with a client who is new to the Walk The Path of Light Initiative earlier this week – and she said that even though she is doing her best to stay grounded and is spending time everyday on her spiritual practices, that she often feels like she is falling. Not failing, FALLING. You know, that queasy, unsettled, slightly foreboding feeling of having nothing beneath you and no idea where you will land? And without thought, my quick and earnest response was that I feel like that all the time!

THAT is the experience of living in the unknown, living in Mystery, living in Trust and surrender. The egoic self, conditioned mind will think something is wrong and that it needs to self correct, that if it were doing things “right”, the process would be effortless and the way clear! This was truly a moment of revelation! And it shows the greater understanding of exactly what repatterning and waking up is all about. It is a shift in consciousness – movement into greater states of awareness. Because you see, to her current perspective and experience of awakening, falling was not positive. Yet, I have been living, joyfully so, in a free-fall for a couple of decades now. Same experience, different interpretations.

The wisdom piece is that the foundation of the known reality is not only unstable, it is dismantling and at an increasingly rapid rate. That stability and comfort is not only an illusion, it is a false promise. And a critical piece of the movement to higher vibrating spaces and worlds is to not only allow the outer reality and known to come undone, but to simultaneously begin building new structures, supports, community, connections and purpose that will become the new foundation. The perspective about the sense of falling that will serve you best, even as it feels as if everything is coming undone and you have no idea what you are doing, is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Nothing is a loss. Nothing can be taken from you that truly belongs to you. If the path changes, it is purposeful. Trust in what is. And LOVE IT ALL!


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