Rise And Be New

tumblr_le7j8zmmms1qdoln8o1_1280Good Morning New HUmans,

Settling into the after flow, after glow of the Equinox/Blood Moon Tretrad is its own initiation. We are remembering how to navigate the field with a whole new and very different energy in our bodies and consciousness. “Who is it that is looking out of my eyes,” you might ask… “who is this human I share my surroundings with but whom seems momentarily very foreign to me?” We are surfing new lightwaves of increasingly intensifying energies each day that call for patience and spiritual maturity if we are to remain balanced.

A revival of relationship on every level is up for this phase of our ascension – relationship to Self and God, one another, relationship with family and lover, friend and most dearly, our Earth ship and current home. The inevitable and much anticipated relationships with higher realms beings is very much dependent upon transparency and maturity in our current interactions and unions.

We will look at these characteristics of the new human now manifesting in the newest transmission this coming Sunday. This new golden field of energy is pressing us to create the new in every way. Be aware of and look for the energy of 3 to appear in uncanny and attention getting ways. Those of you at the New Human Equinox got a sneak preview of this phenomenon. We are asked to expand our concept of 1+1=2. With this new golden atmosphere reflecting off our bodies, our consciousness and our planet, the human being interfacing with this new light radiance results in an altogether different equation than the original components.

Meditate on this as you tune into the golden radiance marinating the body, mind and Soul of a very different and new human being. Born from purity, bathed in purity, resurrected by the light of a pure golden bliss, may we each connect deeply with the inner strength to recreate our lives and experience again and again and again.

See you Sunday Light Tribe!
Love, Joy, Wonder Within and Without!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

The New Human 2.0
Meditation: Activating the Golden Race Humanity
Sunday, October 11th, 11:11am eastern

*** p.s. just after posting this I went to the back deck and there were THREE doves sitting together on the rail – waiting for me. Such love this Universe has for us! ?


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  1. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    3 Doves! Now I can picture where they were sitting. Better than 4 cubs.


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