Relax and Receive


Sat Nam New Humans,

We are still so filled up and processing the triumphant triad of eclipses last month – yet finding some moments of stillness to make one or some New Moon commitment today will assist you in carrying the gifts on into greater and greater expansion in your lives.

The Equinox/Blood Moon Gate was very much a RESET – that is still and will continue to reverberate in our lives for years to come. But this New Moon is about balance, energies supporting something in your life you desire to balance. Tune into the energies today and then with the breath – make some new commitments around something(s) that became clear to you during the eclipse that you would welcome support for.

Then into that stillness, feeling a new center of balance anchoring in your body and lives, meditate on the areas of relationship, community and cooperation. Kinda magical that these areas were so at the forefront in the New Human Equinox Initiative – because this New Moon is really amplifying the potential for new insights, strength and balance in these areas, as well. Remember, you want to move your desires from thoughts swimming around in your head to energy that is anchoring – so journal about these intention and desires. Take time to BE with them, hang out with them and the nothingness you are so a part of. There are significant changes happening on a core level, shifts from survival instincts to patience, trust and allowing of the expansions that are occurring on multidimensional levels for the emerging New Human of a New Earth.

Bless this New Moon with your Love and your Gratitude, relax and receive its abundance.

One Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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