Into A New Unity ~ The New HUman

“What truly matters is the ability to love what is before us, right now… to walk hand in hand into a new Unity. As we embrace this evolutionary change, we embody the trust that all is in divine order and that all life is eternal. The new hUman is the eternal awareness of vibration ~ and a re-membrance of ourselves as Universal Beings of Light.” The New HUman

p.s. be sure and check out the NEW Time Out page with a Meditation, Gaia Moment and Music ALL reflecting this new Unity. We must make it our daily devotion to ABSORB these new energies of Unity and Oneness as much as possible. You will always find those opportunities and experiences here on DeAnne Live through many medias. This is a portal to a higher frequency of Light where everything is seen clearly and balance is gently, yet consistently, restored.

With The Love Of Oneness, DeAnne


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