She Walks In Beauty

She walks in beauty, a graceful stride through the distortion of illusion…
struggles do not sway her purpose
shadows do not distract her from her own incandescent light.
Confidently she goes into the horizon of the mystery,
called by her own wisdom and devotion,
to Love.

With fire in her eyes and joy in her feet
and a freedom that defies the gravity of this world
many wonder where her secret lies.

It is in her reach,
her determination to hold the reins of wonder with the grip of her faith…

those who think they cannot know her,
do not know the mystery of themselves,
the center out of which the sun rises and the moon eclipses
and the earth shimmers in her eternal splendor.

She is a phenomenal woman, a woman,
phenomenally alive in her union with Creation…
centered in her Self,
belonging everywhere and nowhere with equal gratitude,
free to love the many mirrors of her own existence.

Outside time, beyond separation, inside her smile, into her eyes,
there is an infinite horizon~
a heart of compassion,
she holds the earth in the expansion of her mind.

You will see her, feel her, re-member her in the wind~
as it brushes your cheek
beckoning you into the power and truth
of her Love.

***Dedicated to all the New Human women of the earth~
and the men who recognize them and hold space for Divine partnerships.

May Unity prevail.

(c) The New Human


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5 comments on “She Walks In Beauty
  1. Arne says:

    DeAnne , a lovely poem touching my heart …

  2. Chantal says:

    Thank you DeAnne for sharing this beautiful poem. May we honor our Self by walking in beauty.

    Much love

  3. judith says:

    ahh, a breeze washed thru my soul with this – i glimpse the phenomenon that is Me, no need to try to catch it for I Am that, forever.

    Blessings to all

  4. Lorrie Mcconnell says:

    Absolutely the most beautiful message
    Blessings, Lorrie

  5. DeAnne says:

    This “poem” was an experience I felt move through me, energies that became me, for me to then give expression to. If you were to take away the words, there remains this sense of fluid grace, gentleness and strength all swirled together as a new experience of ourselves and existence. This is the new dispensation and it belongs to us all. Thank you for appreciating the invitation in~ One Love ♥♥♥

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