Life Is Motion

When I gaze upon the photo below, there is no part of me that wonders where the path came from, only where it is going. My mind and heart and most of all, my instinct is to follow the forward motion, lean into the horizon with no care of where the winding road may lead, only that I discover the secrets that it holds.

As a humanity, we’ve spent lifetimes learning how to fit in and conform, to look to what everyone else is doing as a gauge for our own success and happiness. And we wonder why we are so tired!

Life is motion. Existence is a perpetual state of renewal. In each moment we have the opportunity to walk into a new version of ourselves and thus, a new experience of life. And it all has to do with identity. It is not possible for you to be wrong or mess up or be left out of the energy that is constantly compelling Existence forward, but it is yours to identify and choose the version of Self you want to be, ongoing. You are everything you have ever been… and equally so everything you have yet to be. Right now, in this moment. Nothing can keep you separate from the brightest and best that you are, but you. It is the simple shift in awareness from the experiences you have already had, to the ones that still await you. Yearn for you. Dream of you. There is a version of YOU not yet manifested that dreams of the you you are in this now and vice-versa. It is time for the two to reunite, and become One.

As we create the bridges to a new world of existence, the concept of identity and our evolving relationship to power invite us into new roles as spiritual architects. And what is really important and relevant about this 3D to 5D analogy is that architects plan, create and build from the ground up! They do not begin their design with a 2nd floor addition or put in a staircase before there is a structure. Architects base their creations upon a vision and then begin creating order around the realization of that vision. This is not how we are conditioned or even schooled in the 3rd dimension. Who we become is a reflection of what came before… and humans have adapted very well to conformity and complying.

In the 5th dimension of Light and probability, we are constantly becoming. Our instinct leans into the mystery out of which true life manifests. The shift in consciousness from what has been to what lies in potential, unformed and unexplored ~ is the shift from a managed reality to an authentic and purpose driven life. You’ll notice that even the rhododendrons on this early mountain morning are looking to the path ahead, drawn to the Light, reaching toward the mystery. For that is the true nature of life. That is the true nature in you. Study and become a witness of all that surrounds you, all that you have known with appreciation and love. But consider, as well, that that is not the reason you incarnated on Earth at this time. You are a spiritual architect. What dream, what mystery, what Light calls to you from the horizon you have not yet explored?


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4 comments on “Life Is Motion
  1. Kathleen says:

    Synchronicity, my poem today:
    Only A little
    Further Now,
    You Know the
    Way. Stay In
    Forward Motion,
    It Is Simple In
    The Flow,
    At Best When
    Out Of It.

  2. Isabeljane says:

    I saw myself floating along this path, not in contact with the ground, moving ever forward . . . Into/ through these new mysteries that life as we know it is changing fundamentally.
    What also came to mind is about our many selves. Can you share more about the holographic aspect of our Selves DeAnne? Much love?

    • DeAnne says:

      Good Morning Isabeljane and welcome! This mutlidimensional merge is very much a part of the New Human teachings and remembrance – we run energies on behalf of this merge on every new human transmission. Sharing energies in this way is so much more effective and powerful than merely sharing thru the mind and intellect! Basically, the aspect you know as Isabeljane is the vibration of multidimensional you, you most identify with, it is where your consciousness is vibrating. And yet, even as you go about life as you know it, there are multidimensional aspects of Self operating in parallel realities simultaneously!
      Something that is activating strongly with the new energies, is our ability to access and draw wisdom from our future aspect, that part of Self that has already walked the path we now journey on and is all the more wiser, with insight into our highest and truest objectives. Again, this is a very full experience that we are in the process of remembering, but as new humans, it is possible to work directly with our light bodies, energy and consciousness so that we are no longer operating in dominant (and often unconscious) states of being, but are moving in and out of varying dimensions at will – accessing all of who we are rather than just a smidgen of our eternal being. Hope that helps – do come and experience the sustenance of the New Human Transmissions – remembering from the inside out – no mind – only peace, only love!♥

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