Walk Bravely Into The Wilderness

Good Morning Light Tribe,

Close your eyes and breathe deeply into this moment. There are not words for the multidimensional layers of everything that are impacting and surrounding us at the moment. There really is no place for the mind to latch on to for very long. No, you are not crazy, this is just how fast everything is going! Cruising through multidimensional spaces of new solar light activity means you are feeling more than you ever have. Within this newness is the opportunity to let go of old ideas, the notion that anything has to be a certain way or meet certain expectations. Extraordinary energies are coming through that you will not have a roadmap for, and that is ok! We must become increasingly comfortable with not knowing, walking by faith and trusting that nothingness. This really is the prerequisite to learning to trust your Self – even when the sound you are hearing and following seems silent to everyone else.

I have shared on the New Human transmissions how when I first left the system in 1999 that I had a lot of skinned knees and life was a little messy at best. And that metaphor of experience is all the more amplified now for the many, almost 2 decades later, because there are less veils, less places to hide and find refuge from the constant onslaught of higher vibrating invitation and experience. This time can feel chaotic and yet, it can also be incredibly liberating as you willingly step into the wilderness, following instinct, gravitating toward persons and experiences that vibrate light and compliment the new that is emerging in you. There is absolutely a new blueprint for humanity anchoring as a new grid on our planet right now that is attuned to the new blueprint activating in your DNA, and vice versa. Know that as you act OUT of the expectation that others and society have of you – you give others the same permission to be free of bondage to the past and very limiting ideas of an old paradigm structure.

red_foxI was out in the woods early this morning – meeting a friend for a playdate with Bodhi. Two humans chatting happily and two rambunctious dogs foraging in the surrounding woods did not deter an opportune encounter with a red fox! I have been having many and increasingly so such encounters in nature. It is as if the spirit world is on the same hypersensitive and amplified wavelength that is affecting every other living thing – and energy is responding to energy, as it always does. My friend nor the dogs saw the fox, it passed before me like a stealth hunter moving from one secretive location to another. It’s essence and magic enveloped me in wonder – I have no doubt that fox conspired with the mystery to gift me some energy medicine.

The Fox is seen as a sacred animal throughout the world. The fox is the cunning and stealthy messenger of the gods and the magical guide to the world between time and space often shape shifting on the journey, (sometimes into human form). The fox lives in the “In-between Time” on the edge of dusk and dawn and can guide the way into the Spiritual Realm.

Invitations everywhere to embody the energies of the new human… I AM

I went on to have 3 more unusual and uncanny animal encounters this morning – yet it was the fox that opened the spiral for the magical and mysterious to be made manifest this day. More than anything, it just made me all the more aware of how strong the forces are that guide us and connect us to every other thing under the sun… every other thing in the Universe.

I came across this poem to share with you by another new human very much before her time… Many of you reading this have been to the nature with me and know it is not your typical 3D experience of the out of doors. I always feel like I AM bring others home to meet “ma and pa” when I take humans into the wilderness with me. It never occurs to me that every time I go to the woods, I won’t somehow be different, changed, renewed and that much more free than when I entered in. I AM never disappointed. In honor of foxes and the sounds only few can hear and the things I LOVE most… a poem just for you. Breathe into its simple truths and remember, remember you are learning to trust your Self. Walk bravely into that wilderness New HUman. One Love, D~

IMG_0352_108How I go to the woods

Ordinarily, I go to the woods alone, with not a single
friend, for they are all smilers and talkers and therefore

I don’t really want to be witnessed talking to the catbirds
or hugging the old black oak tree. I have my way of
praying, as you no doubt have yours.

Besides, when I am alone I can become invisible. I can sit
on the top of a dune as motionless as an uprise of weeds,
until the foxes run by unconcerned. I can hear the almost
unhearable sound of the roses singing.

If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love
you very much.
― Mary Oliver, Swan: Poems and Prose Poems

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3 comments on “Walk Bravely Into The Wilderness
  1. Jean says:

    ….love the layers of metaphor ?


    • DeAnne says:

      gratitude Jean – and I have even MORE connected to the fox encounter that the Shining Ones were weaving in this morning – but you will have to tune into the next show – 11/1 – 11:11am eastern for that new energy insight! 😉

  2. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    Loved reading about your fox encounter and reading the poem. I need a lot of alone time and cherish it.

    Looking forward to your next webcast-felt one brewing.


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