The Way In~

What a day, what a week, what a month, what a world! Whatever you have been feeling, experiencing and contemplating in thought New Humans, know that the magnetics shifted once again during last weekend’s Gateway. It is so fascinating to me and surreal and magical all at once and yet SO MUCH MORE – this simultaneous phenomenon of movement at the speed of light and yet, profound stillness, waves of peace and the rise of inspired genius that calls us into new relationship with Self. Are you feeling this? Greater still is the intimate yet very powerful way this ascension energy is manifesting, interpreting itself into the New Human teachings and meditations. On the last webcast, (10/11/15) we journeyed deep into the earth and merged with Gaia’s heart vibrationally, as One. In tomorrow’s NEW webcast – the meditation will take us UP and out, connecting the etheric heart in our being with the planetary, solar and cosmic logos. Waves, waves of light, bringing us closer to ourselves, nudging the dreamer out of its slumber, waves communicating directly with the wisdom within, light to light, energy to energy, love to love. Are you sensing and even making contact with these new spaces? You need not understand them with the mind, but your energy, your body, your mind, your intuition and your Soul are slowly expanding your awareness to the notion that something is VERY different now. And guess what? We will be talking about and running energy of supports around this new space, the new frequencies and how they are impacting our lives in profound ways on tomorrow’s New Human transmission. It will be worth your time just to come and experience the meditation, working directly with the internal merge sequences of of Golden DNA and Solar Logos! There will be LOTS of magic and direct streaming from the Shining Ones, as always… nature, metaphor and genuine modeling of the New HUman emerging as leader and stewards of a New Earth. Each of these fresh, in the moment and relevant new transmission have at their heart, the intention of assisting with integration of what is occurring in our consciousness; their light and transformational energies help ground our experiences into the collective, assisting us in comprehending dramatic shifts as we attain higher and higher levels of expansion. It is with deep gratitude that I acknowledge the strength of all of us engaged in the deeper, mystical aspects of this profound phase of resurrection. Know that the current movement and magnetics will remain powerful for the next few months. May these webcasts support your freedom and your light expansion – allowing you to remain focused and without distraction from the necessary devotion leading us home. 

One Love, All One,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

New Energies, New Human and Spiritual Maturity.
Sunday 11/1, 11:11am eastern.

New Humans expression their Solar Cosmic Christed beingness.

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  1. beshelja says:

    Wow! thank you for the vibrational experience from this. I wondered if there will be a discussion of the gridwork and expansion done at the initiation and possibly attendees discussing what “roles” are evolving from that…i wonder for example if anyone is singing to the water. Even though not present physically I feel an impulse to be intentionally working with what came up during that. Perhaps folks can write something on the blog or…. who knows what ideas may pop up. Does this make sense?

    • DeAnne says:

      Selah Judith – well I for one sing to the water ALL THE TIME! 🙂 I feel you are tapping into some energy and future potential that many are still working out, feeling their way through, conscious or not! Remember – we are not thinking – and this leaves the mind with a lot of open space with unclear steps. So, where we are absolutely in the process of being led INTO new experience and knowing deeply we are to be there and are contributing our energies in an important way – all are not necessarily able to articulate what they are doing or even feeling. And that is ok! We must first walk willingly into the wilderness of these new spaces and begin to embody the new energies before they are anchored into a new and articulated expression. When I did the Science Of Consciousness course on-line – this was a big hurdle in that 5th World experience. Many were called and came and I KNOW felt a connection to the energies – yet were still hesitant to SPEAK and give voice to and PARTICIPATE fully in the task at hand. And it is ALL good – we are making our way through these spaces together, hand in hand. What I know is that we must keep showing up, saying yes to the newer arenas and following feeling over what everyone else is doing. These transmissions over the last 7 years, the Science of Consciousness Courses, the New Human Retreats, etc – they are immersion experiences in this new energy – just the participation alone is informing the cells, body, mind and heart in a new way.These energies are easily transferable when one is ready – the more you are “here” and participate – the more remembrance that is embodies! Love xo ?

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