Sun Frequency and the New HUman

Good Morning and Happy 1st week of November New Humans,

It was a vibrationally full and illumined transmission yesterday, giving wings to a month that promises a new environment of many dimensions that will provide for a much richer experience of life. Think of November as a time in which we enter the birth our own transformation and change. The metaphors are many …  yes, there will be pressure and anticipated levels of discomfort, the experience will be messy at times with its share of unknowns. As with the organic process of birth itself, once it begins, there is no changing your mind or returning to the way things were. But oh the JOY, the treasure of new life that awaits for the one who endures with a devotion that is true.

Grace this month will be found within patience and compassion. No one will be immune to the intensity as the pressure from this new energy continues to build and expand. This pressure can manifest as irritability, confusion, dissatisfaction and impatience with ourselves and with others. Know this is what is up and determine to not take on anyone elses stuff, yet move with compassion and patience as each does their best to maintain equilibrium. There is great potential for incredible breakthrough, inspiration, new ideas, creativity and intuition, as well as, grieving the loss of what was and becoming a witness to the breakdown of old structures of belief and limited concepts of Self. Whatever your experience, remember often that the Authentic Self, our essence and Higher Self is pushing us to be more, to let the past go and to move into expanded spaces of trust, intention and desire.

As we experienced in the 11/1 webcast, we all have a greater version of Self to step into than the one we present to the world. Be aware this month that the pressure you feel in any area of your life, inside and out, is likened to that of being in a container that has grown too small. Really tune into that sensation, listen to your body and inner wisdom. It is time to face the unknown, our own fears and resistance, and move ourselves to the next level. It is for each to fully recognize when the container has grown too small, indeed, it is time to give birth to the new Self – and SHINE.

With gratitude and devotion to the Solar Cosmic Christ, the crystalline state of Unity with all-that-is.

With the Love of Oneness,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

New Energies, New Human and Spiritual Maturity. 11/1/15 Transmission

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