Crystal Light Cascade

Good Morning Light Tribe,

If you have been following the New Human Transmissions and the ascension energies flowing since the Equinox/Blood Moon Tetrad… you are aware of the pristine new territory with a crystal cascade that has “appeared” in the Shining Ones woods to compliment these new energies. I have only ventured to this area twice, yet both times the rich language and metaphor of the Light has been very present, communicating to the deep heart, mind and body, the relationship between this newly discovered playground of energy and the greater ascension movement at this time. It is completely WONDROUS to me how effortlessly the higher realms offers its love, illumination and assistance to us once we understand the station it is streaming on! You will be able to gather much light intel by just breathing into these videos… additionally, here is some metaphor imagery to contemplate in your New Human consciousness.

The first time I climbed to and found this new crystal cascade, I did not know where I was going or what I would find. I was off trail – I was very high and deep on the feminine side of the Shining Ones woods and felt “something” some unknown energy, pulling me higher. I didn’t focus on my 3D aspect and details (where was I, would I get lost, what if what if etc) so much as attuned my being to the moment, the sound and the exceptional energy guiding me.

When I went back the second time, I did not get to the waterfall in the same way in spite of that intention! 🙂 So, it is clear that there is no clear or direct path in these higher energies, the mind is suspended and you are basically following wonder and beauty, very much feeling the energies communicating directly with your inner being, the true Self. I “knew” I was heading in the right direction, but nothing looked familiar and I had to be ok with that, relaxed in thought. It occurred to me that all the while I was foraging to make my way there, that the energies were working with my field, clearing and adjusting my frequencies to align with this crystalline energy around the falls.

The foundation, land around the waterfall is not at all solid! Everything is on an incline in addition to being very wet – the environment truly is like a temperate rain forest. So, there is no sure footing, you have to be really mindful and present. Curiously, the area is enveloped in nettle! Very unusual for these woods, which I know well! Nettle as a plant spirit totem is masculine, its element is fire and it represents protection! I LOVE THIS! So we have very grounded, transmutation energies of protection surrounding this new feminine light flow, masculine supporting the feminine with a terrain that is not currently extending an open invitation! Based on many years of experience in the Shining Ones woods, guiding excursions and the personal experiences of many, I am very aware that if I don’t pay attention and take people into areas they are not vibrationally ready to explore – that injury can and does happen. We had quite a few “assemblage point shifts” in experience for some attending the Fall Equinox. And what is always understood is that whatever manifest in the physical is a lower realms communication of an entirely different process of expansion occurring in the higher realms. The highest good is always at hand for all concerned! One way or the other, the new energies deem to assure a conscious state! 😉

It has been made clear to me that I have a LOT of work to do in this new territory before I will be bringing people up – and it is not me deciding ultimately. It is very much a wilderness! I have already seen ahead through the mists and know that there is a more solid and direct route to this remote wilderness and that by the time I find it and get the “nod” to bring others into it, that the nettles will fall back and the energies will welcome us like a mother’s love.♥

The cascade itself is at least 18 feet high – so a higher and fuller flow of liquid light activity higher up in the feminine energies than any experiences the Shining Ones have shared here thus far… and I have been exploring these woods for over a dozen years. There is a TREMENDOUS wall of ancient rock on either side of both the waterfall and its creek flowing down the mountain. More protection! For those of you who attended the Equinox and spent time at the ancient site – this ancient rock dwarfs what you experienced there. I can only imagine what all there is to be revealed in this massive rock presence. The area where the cascade first makes contact with the earth is surrounded by a cave like cocoon, there is an entrance only from one side, I feel this is some type of portal or chamber... I have not stood under it yet – to be continued on that front! ( I AM standing at this entrance in the second video). We know water is a conductor of energy in itself, a crystal cascade such as this with the surrounding features present, it could very well be a dimensional transport! We shall see.

What I know for sure is how very special this discovery is, that it holds a lot of magic and vibrational information connected to this NEW we are now exploring and moving into! It feels like a gift, I feel incredibly loved and blessed that this nature has revealed itself to me. My intention is to honor the gift in learning all that I can from the energies there and sharing it joyfully with more golden tribe in the very near future!

In Reverence and with deep Gratitude to the Earth Mother,
keeper of ascension treasures!
One Love,DeAnne

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