Join DeAnne on Shefali Burns’ Season 8 Awaken To Happiness Now Global Summit! Shefali is truly authentic and caring. She holds a warm, accepting and unconditional space for her guests and her community.

The theme for this season is “Shift Your Energy to Shift Your Reality”, a series whose purpose is to transform pain, frustration, and unhappiness into wellness, joy, and abundance.

DeAnne’s show time is Wednesday, November 18, at 2 pm est.

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When you register, you will receive access to all of the calls and the Happiness Kit to start you on your journey to a more fulfilled and happy life and it’s yours absolutely FREE. This includes one of DeAnne’s New Human meditations!

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Shefali is truly committed to helping you transform your life to a new level of consciousness. Join DeAnne and be a part of this extraordinary interactive event.

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  1. Smiley10 says:

    This webcast was even better the second time I listened! I took notes – there were just so many tools for Self-Healing. Hearing and feelling the sincerity and down to earth nature of Shefali & DeAnne gave me clarity and a much more heart centered perspective on an issue I was struggling with. Thank you for all the Love and Light you shine and broadcast!

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Audrey – this is why we do what we do. There is just an ease present and here with us NOW, you use the words “down to earth”, I feel that energetically and can say that there is this truly authentic, genuine and incredibly loving presence in the field(UEF)inviting us to truer existence where we CAN relax and be ourselves and trust that all is well. Existence is EXPANDING – this will be the Heart and SOUL of the next webcast on 12/6 – so stay TUNED for that. I AM SO in Love this now – it fills my heart with such gratitude… the Shining Ones and GAIA are filling me up with the light intel of that to share with the New HUman tribe. BRING A FRIEND and delight in the wisdom of your heart in this extraordinary NOW! Big Love ??✨?

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