Life Is Sacred, So Are You

Blessings Of Oneness and Love Light Tribe,

For the last few years I have a keen awareness of truly discovering what Thanksgiving is all about. Each year I feel more grateful for my life, my spirit, my faith in the mystery and my love for Creation… all Creation. Thanksgiving feels like something I can relax into like a big easy chair and appreciate, even celebrate the life I AM living now, knowing I have honored a truer Existence with the choices I have made. Perhaps that is the greatest treasure to embody this day to celebrate what we are thankful for… the gift of the True Self.

With so much coming undone and so many displaced from the Soul of who they are and from true Existence itself, the great power we each have is to spend this day in JOY, in an environment where we can feel and be peace, one in which we may share and receive love in equal measure. Life has never been more expansive with choice and positive potentials than it is today  – take that awareness into your heart and wear it as a Light to shine out wherever you are today, whatever you are doing and whomever you are with. Be the most Authentically You possible can today – and you will have honored the spirit of this day in full measure.

May you have an extraordinary day, New Humans.
Your life is sacred…be grateful⭐

Love to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Life Is Sacred, So Are You
  1. Smiley10 says:

    Beautiful. Gratitude DeAnne and The Shining Ones. This is the first ThanksGiving where I will not be with family by choice. It will be spent with Friends who exude Joy. I want to squeel with delight. SQUEEEEEL. I woke up at 4:44AM feeling the peace and joy knowing it will be a beautiful day – and eager to read your New Day Post. You never disappoint!! 🙂 LOVE you!

    • DeAnne says:

      In each moment we are charged with building the new grid and anchoring a higher vibrating possibility for our world. THANK YOU Audrey for taking that mission seriously and walking your talk this Thanksgiving Holiday. One of my favorite quotes is from the Gladiator – “The way we live our lives – echos through eternity.” IN EACH MOMENT – what we do and the choices we make – matter! BIG LOVE to you ♥✿☈★✿☁♡ p.s. someone brought your brussel sprout, cranberry pecan dish to the gathering I attended 😉

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