Rediscovering The True Self

CTFz_AuUcAA-550Today is the final day of the last acceleration of November that included Thanksgiving and a Full Moon. Take a moment to just feel the swirl of energies amplified by this national holiday and a Full Moon pushing our capacities in the search for Self. It has been a very powerful, force-filled week. The Shining Ones remind us that the crystals we put in the earth on the Fall Equinox are now being used by grid workers all over the planet – connecting the HUman Heart Grid with the Crystalline Grid. The Gayatri Prayer and mudra we introduced on the 11/15 New HUman Transmission continue to be very important and powerful with the current focus of Solar energies. Really see your heart opening as you absorb the Sun into this sacred chamber. This will support your merge with the Solar Cosmic Christ. The more open you are and remain as this acceleration peaks today – all that you need to release a few more layers of veils in your process will be amplified for you at this time. Imagine an aerial view of a maze for just a moment here. Each insight, each moment of trust over doubt, each choice to be in JOY and COMPASSION and LOVE in your process will be like a light coming on to signal which path in the maze to take next. Recognize that with each turn, each conscious choice and decision in the maze, an entirely new reality becomes visible. Life is changing quickly – the process of Ascension itself, is changing shape. This is a time when many are entering a new level of Self Realization, more and more it will be imperative to not think. Move with this energy, expand your heart and be open to new intersections with experiences, persons, opportunities and relationships appearing at this time to feed you new information about yourself. NEVER has there been a wider circle of reunion present – as we change and drop old beliefs about ourselves and others and existence itself, we are aligning with a new level of tribe and existence. Keep moving. Stay in motion. If an opportunity presents itself to you – trust that it is aligned with something out ahead of you, preparing you for a greater experience of you! Again, move with the energy, as fast and unpredictable as it may be. Surrender all resistance. When water is flowing swiftly in a river and it meets a large rock or pile of nature debris, there is no pause nor hesitation, thought is not even required. The water intuitively alters its course, avoiding resistance while remaining true to the flow of the river. Graceful, flowing, intuitive… be the water.

Today’s meme is in honor of all of you Divine New HUmans that followed their hearts and created new patterns and traditions this Thanksgiving holiday. Daring to be more than an identity, a persona that melds to the beliefs and expectations of past, many of you chose to honor the Soul that lives within – and for that, I AM Grateful. By choosing to embrace your ascension and live the life your truly love, you raise the vibration of everything around you, creating positive and lasting change in our world.

One Love and a Heart of Gratitude to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Rediscovering The True Self
  1. Kathleen says:

    Great message DeAnne. This was my first completely stress free Thanksgiving, which I am very thankful for, as I approached the day with no time pressure, always imposed by myself in the past. What was up with that? I simply cooked each dish as it presented itself to be done in the moment. Helpers arrived and the day flowed, the timing Divine?

  2. DeAnne says:

    That is so awesome Kathleen and SO ARE YOU! Gratitude for modeling the new path of loving kindness, simplicity and Divine choice.The shift from grooves of conditioning to trusting our hearts with a new reality is what becoming conscious looks like 🙂 it has many rewards.

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