December Energies 2015

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3 comments on “December Energies 2015
  1. Karen says:

    Thank you DeAnne & The Shining Ones ~ visually & vocally TRUTH DIVINE!!!
    Namaste xxx

  2. fitzcan says:

    Here we are at December 17 and I just had the opportunity to view this video….and oh my, what an affirmation it is. The waters are flowing fast indeed – transformation….integration….is full on! More and more I am stepping away from the cultural rush associated with this time of year. Instead I have such a strong desire to be still and am creating a new tradition for myself more in tune with the upcoming Solstice than with the traditional Christmas festivities.

    This is a beautiful video and I so appreciate its’ message.
    Love, Love, Love,

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude for dropping in jean – and for your keen acknowledgement in seeing the energies modeled in this video. There is also a really important follow up to this video – A Time of Choosing Higher Outcomes – about the gateway that opened the first week of December – which we experienced so incredibly on the December 6th New HUman Transmission. In fact, there are several offerings from the Shining Ones and New Human experience this month to allow for the best opportunity possible to expand and shine in the New Year. LOVE TO YOU! ?

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