New Beginnings And Fresh Starts!



I just opened a bottle of Buchi (local kombucha) as I sat down to share a moment with you. It feels very fitting because the flavor profile of this particular bottle is called Unlimited 🙂 which is how I AM feeling about the new year ahead! Remember the affirmation the Shining Ones gave us on the December 6th New HUman transmission…

I AM ready to be who I AM!

This is perhaps the strongest intention to be standing at the threshold of 2016 with. As with the image above, we have the opportunity at this juncture to allow the past, all that has been to be washed away, erased from the sands of time as we stand empowered in the New Light that is here now. We have journeyed a long and winding road to get to this moment, this juncture in time. And whatever “It” is that has been guiding us, calling us to more and supporting our endeavors to know a deeper existence, “It” stands with us now, in this moment. And nothing will ever be the same.

I feel so much grander as a presence, freer, clearer and with more authority over my life and the things I manifest than ever before… and I feel a decided peace about the things I don’t know, as well. The quickest way to fill your Self up with peace is to LET GO – surrender the circumstances, perceptions, opinions and expectations that life is ever meant to be any one thing. What you quickly learn once you decide to walk the path of Light, is that the thing you think you know for sure is the the very thing (or things) you will be stripped of. One of the greatest gifts of the ascension process is the inevitable prying away of all conditioning! The more we step into the Light – the more transparent we and our lives become. We see ourselves more clearly and we are less and less invested in the views and opinions of others. It is an incredibly liberating level of insight that leaves us with greater clarity in the direction ahead!

As New HUmans standing before a newly lit passage of time and movement, expansion and love in 2016 – the greatest gift you can give your Self and the shifting sands around you, is to BE WHO YOU ARE. There is no more perfect moment to do that, to shine brightly and be unapologetic in the actions you are now compelled to take than this one. As you trust your Self unconditionally, forces are lined up on your behalf in this year of 2016, to meet your trust with more evidence of beautiful life, meaningful purpose, celebrated gifts and an unknown shaped by the creative energies of the Universe.

I invite you to share with me and your New HUman tribe here what you intend to accomplish, to do for your Self, how you plan to renew and empower your Self to step into more expansive existence this year? Don’t be shy – this is an opportunity to share and inspire one another!!!

What have you been waiting for New HUman… what dreams have you been nurturing internally that are ready now to flourish? How will you show up for your Self in 2016? In what ways will you express your truth and imprint your influence on the world around you? This is so very important. The clearer you are about WHO you are, the more clear everyone else will be – and will recognize that Authentic essence as an invitation to remember their own.

There is no more powerful moment than the one you are in – and “It” is here for you, called forth by you, imagined into being, by you!

As you step into this brand new year of creation, promise your Self to do so with courage, conviction, creativity and strength. Be willing to move forward without secrets, without attachment or need, determined to LIVE YOUR LIFE as your own… and to allow everyone else to do the same. Listen more, judge less, love liberally and paint the world as you know it with uncompromising compassion! Know that the new energies of this time are affecting everyone with equal measure – new DNA sequences are activating in every living thing – on behalf of an evolving world. The best attitude and approach you can have is the understanding we are all in this together. As you see the Light in all things, the Light will continue to expand in your perceptions, your belief, your choices, your understanding and your heart. Celebrate that as you step into this New Year.

May you be blessed, may you witness your own transformation, may you move with the effortlessness of a wave washing over the shore and may you liberate your Self from the need to recreate what has now washed away.

I LOVE your all very much ~ you ARE my heart!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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4 comments on “New Beginnings And Fresh Starts!
  1. says:

    I can so feel the excitement and unlimited possibilities of 2016 and am so grateful to you, DeAnne, and the whole New Human tribe for the love and support and encouragement I feel from all of you. My intentions for this year are: to wake up each morning and get out of bed with a smile on my face and a “thank you” on my lips (which means sometimes it may take awhile before I get out of bed!); to love what is in front of me; to see the potential not the pitfalls; to embrace all perceived imperfections knowing that they are not imperfections at all; to play more and work less; to have more fun and stress less; to love more and judge less; to remind myself that while I’m not where I want to be at the end of this year, I’m definitely not where I was at the beginning of last year; that I’m actually in the perfect place to begin to fly; to embrace the miracles and magic that each day brings; and finally to be the kind of woman who, when my feet hit the ground each morning, the devil says, “Oh crap, she’s up!” I am so in love with love. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone.

    • DeAnne says:

      WOW!! I could feel the CONVICTION in that New Year Intention Darlene! I have missed you – but am always holding the light high on the SHIFTS you and Tom are holding a firm resolve around. I also know you have been being initiated in SURRENDER a lot since the Fall Equinox and it has NOT been in vain. You are just creating more and more space for the VAST NEW REALITY you are manifesting… ALL good, ALL perfect, ALL love. Here’s to wondrous new beginnings, hugs to you both. LOVE DeAnne?

  2. beshelja says:

    sawubona love tribe! this entry helped me structure my thoughts, which have been unfocused and floating all day. My intention is to remember who I AM – starting with using my new spiritual name that “came to me” about 8 weeks ago – Sarifina. It has been hard for me, myself, to honor it, even forgetting it. That is a mirror for what needs woven into my conscious practices. I will be still and meditate each morning. I will do my offer to the 4 directions at least 3x a week outside. One day every 2 weeks I will spend 4 hours studying something I have been wanting to learn. I will MOVE in dance, yoga or movement to music at least once a week and stay hydrated, eating high frequency foods. I will PLAY my new drums and enjoy the vibration, with no mind activity about how good other people sound when I am around other people playing. I will create at least once a month – paint or write, make something. I will SING or CHANT sometime EACH day because I AM joyful to be alive and I VALUE my solar plexus-throat chakras power together, and how we interact with the higher realms when I do that! I will slow down to breathe into the space in front of me and SEE what is REALLY there, and let me FEEL. I will know what i feel and honor it. I will LOVE all of me, then i can love all of you. That is how i will surrender, how i will not recreate what i have already let go. That is how i will celebrate doing energy work for people and honor the wisdom that comes through to me, seeing and feeling the Rays coming in, so that I may pass it on to others. All light, all love. all one, sarifina

    • DeAnne says:

      I AM holding the Light high on this expression of New HUman you Judith! Thank you for sharing and for being here at this time! ?

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