All Things Bright And Beautiful

So many moments, precious and few, so many lives, yearning for meaning, to matter and know freedom.
As we celebrate a new year of potential for this humanity, may we all remember the simple yet powerful gift of LOVE –
our love, the love of Creation…. love for one another, love for who we have been, love as forgiveness and love as acceptance. When everything else seems lost and the path ahead unclear… Love is the Eternal Light that shines from within.

In this brand new year of 2016, may your devotion to the Love within and all around you, become the new Light on your path ahead! ♥♥♥

One Love, One Prayer, One World,

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One comment on “All Things Bright And Beautiful
  1. Parise says:

    2016 mantra ; Love, Love , Love…filling my being , expanding , illuminating outward and beyond!

    Thank you for all your Blessings, I can feel the Love and buoyancy of your congruent message !

    Cheers to Love !!!

    From my heart to yours ,

    Parise ???

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