Internal Power, A New HUman Integrity

AC1057-Ascension-Katherine-SkaggsGood Morning Light Tribe,

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the propulsion that occurs when a rocket launches into the atmosphere. Feel that energy activating inside of you, in your life, in our world… and you have a sense of the energies propelling us into this new year.

Today is a transition day from the gateway that has been providing this thrust these beginning weeks of January, carried over with intention and high vibrating purpose since the Christmas Gateway of 2014. A significant reset is well underway. What has been hidden is now coming to a new Light, what was once held behind is now positioning itself as a new power, a new visibility and purpose for those on the Ascending Path of a new hUman potential. This is a time, the world over, that many are becoming aware of doing things that are not in harmony with their truer goals, their truest life and Self. This period relates to us getting more in alignment with what we really want/need at a Soul/cellular level. We are becoming more sharply aware that personally we don’t feel in integrity with what/where/when we are right now. There is a deep, intense longing to feel in integrity at a much higher level. This propulsion of Solar Energies and new light radiance are for the purpose of aligning with your primary mission. And what begins to happen, like an aha that echoes through your entire history and all of your ancestry, is that you awaken to the fact that “it” is no longer your mission. This reset is intent on collapsing the structures of the mental and emotional bodies to the point where there is no longer an individual, but a Multidimensional Being.

This year will see a lot of humanity coming together in new ways. If you take any of the shifts personally you are likely to get caught in emotional drama of the ego that really does not want change of any kind. All the ancient teachings and wisdoms emphasize neutrality. Everything is simply energy and energy, is information. As the current Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, so eloquently mirrors as a metaphor for an evolving world,  “the Force moves in and around every living thing, close your eyes and feel it.”

In our Light, the capacities of our truest being, there is no good, bad, right, wrong, etc. These are concepts set in place by the conscious thinking mind to create the scaffolding of the material world. And yet, it is all simply energy. With the limited self, we easily get swept into the current of cause and effect, either/or, good and bad – which perpetuates the karmic wheel of repeating patterns and life scenarios. The New HUman is one who follows and trusts the energies that keep informing new directions, new potentials, new opportunities to deepen the capacity to serve this incredibly unique, rare and beautiful Ascension process enveloping our planet and species at this time.

From this moment through the end of this month, January of 2016, it is an optimal time to move NEW ENERGY into your body and your life. The “force” mentioned above, is pulling out all the stops to position each of us for a very new direction that entails a very new and deeper understanding of our purpose on the Earth at this time. If you are a new human reading this, you are savvy in your ability to now really see and connect with the world of metaphor, which is the language of the Light. See and feel the energy communicating in this transmission. This propulsion and reset has set into motion many layers of energy all coming in in beautiful gossamer waveform, with a profound level of peace, a felt rightness about where you are on the path. Even if you have no idea what is next – even when reality as you know it goes topsy turvy.

Pay attention to the energy that speaks to your interior. Calm the mind often and enough to REALLY LISTEN to the inner knowing, the inner peace, the energy rising from within. This moment in all of eternity necessitates that we forget what we think we know and move through it day by day with simplicity, peace, trust and love. Yes, fill your Self with this Love – it is everywhere and all around you.

Things “out there” continue to be really complex and complicated and the easiest thing in the world to do, in the old consciousness, is to get sucked into that complexity and personalize it. In the current New Human video, (2016, The Courage To Evolve – the Shining Ones illumined our capacities at this time to use the same energy that is being wielded unconsciously in the outer world, for good! The energies closing out this first month of a new year are poised for inner reflection; pull all your energy inward from drama, emotional turmoil, unexpected shifts etc to consolidate the presence of the “force” within you. There is a profound opportunity for every human at this time to harness the unstable energy and complexities “out there”, into the power of simplicity and presence.

New people continue to come into my life – I AM so grateful for work that allows me to constantly meet new people that uplift what is true and beautiful within and leave me feeling seen and loved. This is the way of both 5th World and the New HUman. It occurs to me that these “new people”, reflected in every age, color, culture, sex and occupation – that they represent the new tribe now forming on our planet. You are encouraged to see everything shifting around in your world as a falling away of old aspects of yourself – so that this beautiful new hUman that you are, may fully inhabit this magnificent space we are now in. Thank the Universe and your own Divinely imbued Soul umpteen times a day for every single detail of life you are experiencing. As the Shining Ones emphasized in the January 3rd webcast – endings and beginnings are always linked –  remembering that all endings are just transitions into a new place of higher wisdom and love that resonates with all we have integrated during the final, intense months of 2015.

It is a NEW DAY! What an empowered and JOYFUL declaration of the New HUman. Breathe and drink deeply the energies here now on your behalf, for they are simply and profoundly LOVE.

          …Oh Goddess, (Divine Feminine / New Earth Consciousness) of transforming fire, transmute me in this hour! Your searing, healing, solar heat (New Sun) melts me in your power… My body releases in surrender to your passion without end ( Creationary Power – the “force” of the sacral chakra awakening) My very cells transmuted to your Light as I ascend.

As I sit overlooking my beloved forest in Asheville ~ the rains fall peacefully on a misty layer of fog. It has not rained so far in January here in the mountains and yet, this day of release from one gateway into a new mystery of “what next” – the rains are here, washing everything clean. There are infinite ways the “force” expresses Its presence and love to us, wherever we are in the world. And wherever we are in the world, we are connected. We all come from the same place and we will all return to that same, mysterious nothingness, in love.

As you open up to your own, mysterious “what next” – you are invited into a deepening of ALLOWING. Flow with this time, new hUmans, flow with the bends and turns, the ups and the downs, the shadow and light, the seemingly fixed and the eternally infinite of it all. This is an incredibly special and blessed time and we have arrived here by virtue of our love, our devotion, our light and our remembrance of greater worlds. ALLOW ALLOW ALLOW, recognize it all as a new dispensation of existence aligning with your multidimensionality and celebrate the journey in each moment, as it unfolds.

One Love, One Light, One World
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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6 comments on “Internal Power, A New HUman Integrity
  1. Karen says:

    Much Love for your insights into my heart dearest DeAnne……your expressions of Light bring me into alignment once again & I feel connected to my Soul’s evolution (sometimes knowing, sometimes not knowing)……. I declare my faith & trust that I AM in perfect harmony with the Force /Source consciousness & with courage & conviction I allow Unity of Spirits’ Power & Purpose to be made manifest in my Life here & now…….Blessed BE …….in gratitude & shining love xxx??? In Oneness ?☮☯

  2. Mariusz Jędrzejewski says:

    Hello Dear DeAnne ,Thank You for Inspiration,and Greetings ,Mariusz

  3. Audrey says:

    Thank you DeAnne for the Love and the remembrance of how beautiful simplicity is. It is easy to get sucked into the complexity of things and ask why.
    What I am noticing is that when I welcome flow and observe that, I AM that. That is my practice now. Instead of waiting to find the ‘right’ time to meditate, I AM experiencing all my 5 senses and beyond. Your words continue to constantly pop up in my heart .
    POP POP POP :))

    • DeAnne says:

      “when I welcome flow and observe that – I AM that!” Brilliant New Human! You could substitute anything for flow – and discover the same Truth. Where our mind and attention go – becomes our reality. 🙂 More and more humanity is recognizing this simple truth along with the power we have to use it for good, to create from love and manifest new directions for our lives. Gratitude for sharing Audrey – I recognize your pop pop pop in my heart as a synergy of the connection we share.?

  4. DeAnne says:

    Love and Appreciation Karen and Mariusz ? for the beauty and Light you contribute to the intention of community and Oneness here.?

  5. pem089 says:

    Love this message!!


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