Sine Waves and Giant Helixes ~ Oh JOY!

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Here is an article published by Collectively Conscious that a new human, Tyler, recently sent in to share. I know that personally, when I see these images reflecting the new awareness, DNA spiral and the wave created by the planets following the Sun – it resonates as true, it feels like home. Surely it is no coincidence that as we (humanity) are remembering that we are not stationary and never in the same place vibrationally – we align with this awareness that our entire Solar System, every planet, is also in constant motion. It is very gratifying and comforting somehow that humanity is catching up to itself and remembering the deeper truths, not only of existence… but who we are IN that existence.

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If you walk into any classroom today, and likely ever since you were a kid yourself , there is one model being taught regarding the structure of our Solar System.  It’s the model that looks like this – it’s the traditional orbiting model of the Solar System, or the Heliocentric Model, where our planets rotate around the sun.
our-model-of-the-solar-system-has-been-wrong-this-entire-time2While this isn’t entirely wrong, it’s omitting one very important fact. The sun isn’t stationary. The sun is actually traveling at extremely fast speeds, upward of 828,000 km/hr, or 514,000 miles an hour.

Our whole Solar System is orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy. In fact it takes 220-Million Years for the Sun to orbit our Galaxy.
our-model-of-the-solar-system-has-been-wrong-this-entire-time3Knowing this to be true, our visual model of the Solar System needs to change, and has been inaccurate this whole time. In fact, our planets are barreling through space with the sun, and literally creating a giant Cosmic DNA Helix, and a vortex similar to our Milky Way Galaxy.

Like this but in space, creating a never ending Sine Wave.
our-model-of-the-solar-system-has-been-wrong-this-entire-time4This entails that our Sun & the Planets of our Solar System are never in the same place. When we make one rotation around the sun, we have already traveled millions of miles through space, meaning these Cosmic Cycles are far grander than we might have previously imagined.
our-model-of-the-solar-system-has-been-wrong-this-entire-time9Here are two video examples of the Helical Model of our Solar System:

This is one by Physicist Nassim Haramein, which clarifies the difference:



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  1. Mare says:

    Such beauty, such grace…creation. Thanks!

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