Winter Delight and New Webcast!

Good Morning Beloved Light Tribe,

Another Gateway has opened, the first of the New Year and just in time for my birthday! I know the Universe is not delivering this beautiful expansion just for me, but it fills me with delight to imagine so! Because we were being carried vibrationally with so intensity into January by the December Christmas Gateway and Full Moon, it is as if January truly began just yesterday, on the 18th. Fresh and new, expansive and with new clarity, there was a decided clutch and shift this last weekend that has now settled into this brilliantly lit passage where 2016 is revealing clarity about the year ahead.

I was out on the mountain by 9am this morning – it was a whopping 14 20160119_104209degrees under the warmth of a radiant sun. Blissful adventures such as this can be easily thwarted by the conscious thinking mind and preferences for comfort of the egoic consciousness. Yet, I can assure you, your spiritual nature, who you are as frequency and light, will never be deterred by weather conditions.20160119_104225 Nature is always going to be your truest energy match regardless of season, circumstance or temperatures. As you begin to get free of the mind and become more your vibrational nature – it is possible to alter your body temperatures and bypass any discomfort caused by mental conditioning. We are not these bodies, yes?20160119_104214 I was cold for about 8 minutes – and then the inner generator kicked in and I was perfectly comfortable and content for the 90 minutes we were in the woods.

This is a perfect sharing of experience for you in relation to this now and the current ascension passage. There is a strong focus and pull, if you will, into Oneness – alignment with the True Self, which is ALL – and balance between the physical and spiritual self. In balance, we are not affected by extremes of any kind – in fact, we are basically immune to them. As we vibrate with Divine Neutrality and move fully into complete balance with the Spiritual/Physical polarity – we begin operating from a the higher senses. We spent most of last year learning about the multidimensional merge sequence and how that impacts our physical world and sensibilities. And NOW, the threshold of 2016 – the New Feminine, Goddess energies are so compelling as they ride in literally on the rays of the Sun, the volume of Gaia’s new harmonics has been turned up in communicating directly with the Crystalline DNA of a newly emerging human potential.

The Guidance was strong to leave room for inner stillness and illumination toward the end of this month which I have honored… now I have the go ahead to bring in a new transmission right as we move into February. The next New Human Webcast will be Sunday, January 31st, 11:11am eastern. The Shining Ones have been working with me on a new meditation that includes 20160119_103822the energy of water, crystalline, liquid light that I AM quite transfixed by at the moment – I look forward to sharing in that with you. There are new codes emanating from the waters, even these frozen “crystal wands” of water you see here in photos and videos were running codes about the new Grid currently activating and the role each of us has in grid work at this time! The Shining Ones suggested the theme, “What Just Happened and Where Are We Going” for this next webcast on the 31st – which tells me that this transmission will cover a lot of energy dynamics and be infused with a lot of vibrational support in understanding what the current shift dynamics are all about. As I shared earlier this week in the New Day Blog – we are in for a brilliant passage. Pay less attention to the details of what you are experiencing and MORE ATTENTION to how you are feeling, because these lightwaves and codes are communicating directly with heart consciousness and inner wisdom. It is an incredibly beautiful time to be alive – to be YOU and to open UP to new existence.

The New HUman new webcast : “What Just Happened and Where Are We Going” Sunday January 31st, 11:11am eastern
Meditation: Dissolving Into Liquid Light
Music: Shaman’s Evening Dream CD Native American Flute Music

Love to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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3 comments on “Winter Delight and New Webcast!
  1. Michele says:

    Thank you again for the “most” inspiring words and a babbling Brook to listen to!! What a birthday present for me too. I was born 1/22. I am so enjoying reading your book each evening at bed time, The Shining Ones, as well! Gratitude for all that you do to help us remember! Love

  2. Tasha says:

    Beautiful pictures. I have been enjoying the winter this year and I am wanting more snow. I appreciated being snowed in for a couple of days. It’s been a calling for some time to go inward and retreat and what a perfect time, during the winter season. I find it very important to listen to my inner guidance. I’ve done much in the past as a “lightworker” and really being out there in the world….enjoying it too, but also feeling the need to retreat and now I feel like it’s been a time for me in my personal path to transition inwards more…My personal process has been about going inward and tuning into Source more, higher realms, portals, and my family. Winter feels like the perfect season for it.

    Last winter was a long winter and I craved the sunshine. I went hiking regularly in 10 degrees weather and below 10 degrees as times…but I usually warmed up from hiking and wearing layers, I never felt cold when I was out hiking in nature, it always felt pretty pristine and magical…but I would get cold just going to run errands…haha. Loving the snow, it’s almost all melted now, I hope it snows again soon. I love opening up to expansion and stepping into the new realities that are already there. I just have to clear away the limitations, tame the ego mind, and align my vibration and heart with the frequencies and really allow the unfolding.

    I’ve been feeling like I am needing more time away from the Internet and other distractions so that I may really attune/ Others may feel the need for more interacting and community and that is all fine too. My sense of community and service has never been stronger…so all feels good. Co-creation, peace, harmony, and expansion into 5th world living. Yes. I can see when I am out of 5D alignment when I am vibrating at a frequency less than peace ,harmony, and co-creation…and this is ok, it just shows me what needs more healing, compassion, love, and transformation. Feeling grateful for these gifts of transformation.

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