Gaia: Blue Mountain Spring

Good Morning World and New Tribe of Humanity,

Just sharing the beautiful beginnings of Spring in the mountains. With the exception of one photo that came from one of my vortex tours, every scene and color and expression of nature came from one effortless intention to go and be with nature. The song accompanying the slider is called, I Have Loved You A Thousand Years by Michael Whalen. So, we have these simple expressions, “beautiful beginnings”, “effortlessness” and harmonics reminding us of an Eternal love, to stir the remembrance deep inside, that we are always in the process of new beginnings. That each day is a new day and with intention and our love, co-creating and enjoying the beauty of our world can be effortless. Breathe into this nature moment, welcome it into your heart and affirm this day to walk into your reality as if it were brand new, with the gratitude of someone who is loved beyond measure.


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4 comments on “Gaia: Blue Mountain Spring
  1. Karen says:

    I am She who gives thanks for the Truth…….Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))))

  2. Joyful Judy says:

    Loved the pictures, DeAnne. These are my kind of places. JOY!

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