Breathe deeply the sentiments here New HUman… there is a most beautiful opening and expansion inviting the heart of every man, woman and child into new existence, here with us now, called forth by the Christ Light within and the radiance of a New Sun. Gratitude to Trevor Hall for this amazing expression of redemption, resurrection and rebirth. A New Human he is… ???✨?

“from all of your mistakes, may there come your greatest gifts.”

One Love, One World, One Truth,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

**** Please join me and bring your posse, near and far, for the REUNION of this time~

The New HUman new webcast :
“What Just Happened and Where Are We Going”
Sunday January 31st, 11:11am eastern

Meditation: Dissolving Into Liquid Light
Music: Shaman’s Evening Dream CD Native American Flute Music


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3 comments on “Forgive
  1. Karen says:

    It’s your birthday here in Australia!….you share it with my mum who is 81 years young……Birthday Blessings beautiful DeAnne & Margaret Rose… heart is filled with gentle love & gratitude for you both…..Namaste ?✨???☮?☯

  2. Arne says:

    DeAnne , I remember you used to celebrate your birthday as the month turned into Aquarius , but this weekend I assume we need to forgive the habit of turning water into lots of snow …
    Have a happy 22 celebration !

  3. Smiley10 says:

    Happy Birthday DeAnne!! Wishing you tons of sparkles today – and always :))
    Enjoyed and felt the power in Trevor’s words and voice. This came at the perfect time as I have been feeling my mistakes lately – ummm, I mean gifts.
    Thanks for sharing the music – in more ways than one!

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