The Remembrance Of One Love ~

Blessings Of Wonder And Peace New Humans,

I AM surrounded by a winter wonderland, grateful for the time to go inward while snowed in on the mountain I so love. Bodhi and I did some exploring high up on the backside of this elevated sanctuary yesterday and I was delighted with new discoveries and magic that I will weave into the next New HUman Transmission on the 31st! But for this day and this moment, I AM extending yet another incredibly beautiful birthday gift* to you from another new human. She has very much been in my heart since meeting her and her husband a couple of years ago when they came for a vortex tour in the Shining Ones woods. This is easily one of the most meaningful gifts of my birth I’ve ever received… it came with a simple gratitude for the ancients woods and energies that remain in her heart. Truly, this is the way of 5th World, an endless circle of light and unity that keeps giving, freely and unconditionally; the circle of life, the remembrance of One Love. Peaceful blessings to you and yours today and always New Humans ~?

**** follow the energies to the next post – Shining One 🙂

The New HUman new webcast : “What Just Happened and Where Are We Going” Sunday January 31st, 11:11am eastern

Meditation: Dissolving Into Liquid Light
Music: Shaman’s Evening Dream CD Native American Flute Music

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