Remembering To Shine

astral-3d-worlds-fractal-eye-candy-for-mindfulness-meditation-lucid-dreaming-intuition-training-spiritual-ascension-1-2-s-386x470Everything is being jostled from its old foundation, creating beautiful tones of new creation. We have the choice of getting lost in the old, disfunctional patterns of learned behavior or moving freely into new patterns that fill our being and lives and relationships with harmony. Celebrate the coming undone and the inbetween moments of what is just coming into view ~  like the light of a New Sun over the horizon. This event horizon is happening on an individual and collective level. The system (matrix) as it is now (society, news, money, business, etc.) is going to change profoundly from the roots up. Keep your focus on the new, the magic that is present, the inspired thought and brave impulses that urge you onto a new platform of Self. It is there you will be supported – it is there you will remember.

The New Human (c) 2016

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One comment on “Remembering To Shine
  1. Karen says:

    A day of tearful unravelling towards Shining Truth/Love/Light ~ healing forgiveness & letting go……..phew! Blessed BE ?✨??
    May I keep the faith & allow the mystery to unfold towards a new event horizon ??☯☮?

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