Remembering Peace


Blessings New Humans,

What a magical and deep passage we are in. Making use of the many exercises of pranayama breath we have explored together on the New Human transmissions is going to be a really effective and quick way to remind the whole being~ body, mind and spirit of the truer moment we are in. As is the breath~ so is the mind. There is a tremendous spaciousness present, a lot of clearing has occurred in these beginning weeks of 2016. Take time to contemplate and acknowledge how that clearing is manifesting in your reality and really open your heart to it. This is a phase of devotion, so no thinking or anticipating or wondering “what now” allowed. Feel into the new dynamic and emergence of the new reality and again, clear space each day to breathe with your Self, with the clarity and peace of this invitation. Stay open. There is a stunning activation sequence happening in the Christed HUman Heart Grid ~ oh for the beauty of the Earth whose radiance is showing us incredible portals to this new reality.

Spend time with the New Day posts since the last webcast as they carry sequential intel to support this phase. Defy any negativity which is a defense of fear, as well as abrupt, emotional decision making which again, is just the ego consciousness clinging to its safe and conditioned little world. It is hard to let go of old habits and old ways of protecting ourselves and yet, this is a time of unapologetically embracing the goodness of growth and change. The only way to truly live is to grow. The only way we can grow is if we change. The only way we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way we can be exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open!

And there it is ~ the pure light and activation piece of the crystalline DNA ~ a willingness to be SEEN as who we really are! A willingness to allow magnificent life, to expand our hearts, energy fields, and conscious connection to this new reality. COME OUT of the confined spaces of the carbon based DNA conditioning. 2016 is THE YEAR to fully commit to throwing ourselves into the brilliantly beautiful light of life with love, trust, and understanding. Anger and impatience have no place or power in this new Light.

As I was streaming the sharing in this blog, Jim called me to come look at the “giant bird” on the feeder out back. 🙂 I instantly recognized the beautiful and yes, “large” flicker, hanging upside down while eating the fresh seeds I had put out earlier. I came back to my desk to continue this post and the flicker “followed me”, in that it flew to a tree just in front of the large picture window where I sit. Flicker carries the energy of a “new rhythm of growth and healing power, love, balance.” As always, Mother Gaia extends her love and presence into the intention and activity of the New Human.

“Rest Here” is an invitation to this precious, rare, wondrous, sacred and light-encoded now moment. “Rest Here” is a reminder to breathe and FEEL the activity of peace that is found with conscious breath. We will engage more pranayama breath together on the next New Human Transmission this coming Sunday, January 31st, 11:11am eastern. Whatever your circumstance, experience, thought activity or emotional state at the moment, you are surrounded by the energies of incredible shift! A Shift here on your behalf, called forth by a future aspect of multidimensional you that is ready to get on with expression of gifts, meaningful service and the reunion of a new human family. Stay OPEN ~ LOVE fully, TRUST life and fuse your consciousness with the new Grids; they are connecting us to the crystalline consciousness in a much stronger way now.

BIG LOVE and COSMIC HUGS to my tribe, I LOVE YOU all with a very grateful heart!

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2 comments on “Remembering Peace
  1. Karen says:

    I AM truly grateful for this day of REst, REnewal & REjuvenation ~ That peace has come once again to heal my emotional wounds & bring wholeness to a humble heart ~ namaste beautiful DeAnne & the Shining Ones of my Soul ????

  2. Tasha says:

    Rest, reset, humility, and transparency are essential for my growth. In this now stillness I breath into the eternal light. May I be free of negativity and suffering and may all beings be free of suffering. May all beings move into the Oneness, Wisdom and Love that Is. I am so Grateful for the many workers who incarnated at this time to bring forth greater Truths and Wisdom for Humanity’s evolution. E Ma Ho.

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