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Breathe in Love, Breathe out all else and open your Self fully to this NOW~

Good Morning New HUmans,

I AM guided to shine light on the world of synchronicity as we prepare for another New HUman tranmsmission tomorrow! As new hUmans, we are always deepening our understanding and experience with the vibrational world of metaphor and light. Perhaps equally important, is the capacity to embrace the synchronistic world. This deep, intuitive understanding recognizes that there are no coincidences, that the higher mind intelligences are constantly communicating with the hu-man sensibilities through uncanny moments of alignment and sometimes amusement. The synchronistic world is yet another form of guidance that vibrates a very high level of intuitive revelation when the mind is open and intention focused on receiving other-worldly assistance. It can take practice to hone the skill of capturing the insights of synchronicity and yet, over time, it will sharpen the high mind and intuitive instinct to the point you cannot imagine functioning without it.

The synchronistic world and the language of metaphor are designed to compliment one another ~ it is yet another reflection of the co-creative nature of the Universe. Depending on your current path and process, the “coincidences” can be from the subtlest (stubbing a toe), to the “in your face” attention getters such as totaling your car. Again, there are no accidents! Everywhere God, everywhere light, everywhere and in each moment is the Higher Self and evolutionary potential of who you are, deeming to communicate with you in response to your dominant desires and ascension movement.

I share metaphor and synchronicity often on the New Human Transmissions because I understand these capacities as essential to the expansion process, the development of the light body and intuitive reasoning. From the moment some seemingly “random”, unexpected event or encounter occurs in your world, it is for you to begin asking and exploring the greater significance of that experience. A stubbed toe (when explored outside the logical mind) would be a subtle nudge that you are fussing too much over details for example and would do well to focus more on your goal versus how to get there. In yoga this morning, the yoga instructor, Michael, suggested that if you do not have a focus on a greater goal it is pretty safe to say you will not hit your target. 😉

The mind’s job is to keep you busy, lost in the details and distracted from the purity of the true moment – where there is always information guiding you to the higher path in your pursuit of mastery!

I dance with the light and the mystery becomes me, I dance with the mystery and expansive worlds come to greet me. In the synchronistic world ~ shadows turn to light, light turns to brilliance and I remember my Self in the Oneness of it ALL.

The New HUman ~ remembering, allowing, stretching, becoming.

New Webcast Tomorrow ~ 1/31/16 Come and hone your intuitive skills and remembrance of 5th World with me and the Shining Ones! ?
Theme: “What Just Happened and Where Are We Going”
Meditation: Dissolving Into Liquid Light
Music: Shaman’s Evening Dream CD Native American Flute Music

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